Describe Job You Would Not Like To Do In The Future

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe job you would not like to do in the future.

You should say:
What is the job?
Why you don’t want to do it?
How you feel about the job?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1 :

Introduction :
Well, I genuinely believe in the quote, ‘Work is Worship’. Since every work is equally important and there is no big or small job, it would be quite challenging for me to tell which profession I would not prefer to do in the future.

Indeed, there is a myriad of employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors, which often fascinates me to choose it as a career, such as IT, Marketing, Medical, Engineering, banking, CA, and many more.

What is the job?
However, there is one occupation coming off is a Teacher’s job, which I would be hesitant to do.

Why you don’t want to do it?
Please don’t take me wrong; the reason I decided on teaching because I firmly believe that this is the most honourable profession.

Moreover, I think it is quite demanding, full of responsibility plus a challenging job, as well as it also requires a massive amount of patience along with holistic knowledge of the subject matter, which I believe is not my cup of tea.

Although there is not much cutthroat competition in this field, it certainly requires excellent expertise and rich experience in their respective filed.

How you feel about the job?
Frankly speaking, I have met numerous teachers in my life and have observed them very carefully. I must say the kind of knowledge they have is highly commendable.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that every successful person is an outcome of these teacher’s dedication and determination.

And getting into their shoes is beyond my capabilities. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that even with their seamless efforts and hard work, they are paid peanuts, which is not sufficient to survive in this expensive world.

Plus, this is one of the most important reasons, I wouldn’t like to do this job as I don’t want to live hand to mouth despite burning the candles at both ends.

Moreover, their achievement is not assessed on their performance but on their students, which is truly disappointing(sad).

Conclusion :
Honestly, I believe that a person should opt for a work that provides a sense of contentment(happiness), and the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.

Thus, for me, it would be quite challenging to do a teaching job in the future irrespective of my respect towards this post.

Model Answer 2 :

Introduction :

  • These days, people have a whole lot of job alternatives, and everybody has a preference linked to the job they’d like to perform or not.
  • Also, no occupation is simple nowadays since there’s a good deal of rivalry, and people must work extremely hard in their tasks.
  • Some individuals prefer to consider the challenges that a project brings, while others find them hard. I believe that it depends upon the interest.

What is the job?

  • Here, I’d like to talk about work, which I presume is hard, and I wouldn’t like to perform it later on.
  • It’s the task of a car salesman.

Why you don’t want to do it?

  • Even though it feels like an easy job, but today it isn’t easy to convince folks if they go to purchase a vehicle.
  • There are a whole lot of responsibilities also, and pressure is obviously significant.

How you feel about the job?

  • Additionally, it requires you to be extrovert, which I believe I’m not.
  • One of my buddies is employed as a salesperson, and I often find him worried about his occupation.
  • He’s got to spend nearly 10-11 hours in the auto showroom daily.
  • And he doesn’t get off on Sunday since most customers see the showroom with this afternoon.
  • Additionally, nowadays the majority of the folks do their research online before purchasing a car so that it gets extremely tough for a salesman to speak to them and market the car.
  • My friend isn’t able to satisfy his earnings targets and constantly looks worried.

Conclusion :

  • Moreover, a person does not get promotions readily within this endeavor, so it doesn’t appear like a fantastic career choice for me personally.
  • Previously, people used to love working as a salesman, but I think it’s actually tough.
  • I’d prefer to do a project associated with computers.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe job you would not like to do in the future”.

1. What type of jobs do young men and women prefer?
The youthful generation likes to perform the tasks which involve creativity And where they could work independently. They also search for tasks that are well compensated and needless physical work. I think they prefer to work as developers or IT administrators.

2. Some folks will lose their jobs due to technology, the way to take care of this?
I think It’s the responsibility of the authorities to ability those Individuals on new technologies in the order they can discover new jobs. Otherwise, there could be substantial scale unemployment, which could be damaging to its society.

3. Are you going to settle down in a different nation?
Yes, even if I get A fantastic job opportunity in a developed nation, I want to settle there. I feel if somebody doesn’t settle prematurely, then he or she’ll never reach success and will constantly lead a stressful lifestyle.

4. How can young people now decide their livelihood?
The current generation has a great deal of options when it comes to Deciding their livelihood. Previously the youthful looked up to their household members while picking their livelihood, but today the childhood has plenty of role models from other fields, and they create their own conclusions. A number of them also like to research unique tasks before focusing on a single. Furthermore, they do a great deal of research considering the future prospects of unique tasks.

5. Which do young individuals generally prefer – dull jobs with higher pay or interesting jobs with reduced pay?
Now the young are smart, and they know If They’re not doing anything that they enjoy, they will not ever be happy. Consequently, they pick the tasks they’re enthusiastic about, and cash takes the backseat.

6. Which do you want physical work or function between believing?
I prefer intellectual function overwork that needs a great deal of bodily effort. I really feel the function that stimulates your brain is much more satisfying in comparison with physical work that’s dull.

7. Do you believe now we’ve got less physical labor than we did previously?
Yes, now we Must do less physical function as when compared with yesteryear. Because of the improvements in technology, our own lives are More comfy suitable today. The job that demanded strenuous work.

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