Describe A Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a creative person whose work you admire.

You should say
Who he/she is?
How do you know him/her?
What creative things he/she has done?
And explain why you think he or she is creative?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1:

Well, not everyone is blessed with creativity, but I know few people who have extremely creative and innovative minds. 

Who he/she is? and How do you know him/her? 
Here I am going to talk about my science teacher Mr. Singh whom I believe to be the most creative person I have ever come across. 

I feel lucky to be his student during my school days. Science is one of the most difficult subjects, and a vast majority faces difficulty understanding the subject, but our science teacher is truly a genius who always had novel ideas to teach the students. 

What creative things he/she has done? and Explain why you think he or she is creative? 
He used to emphasize/accentuate more on practical learning than theoretical, and for this, he frequently took us to science laboratories for practical learning. 

In addition, there are some topics related to physics that are highly impractical to comprehend by reading books only and to clear such concepts he used to teach us with the help of technology.

For example, by playing videos and showing 3D images. In fact, it was also a fun way to learn for students, and we never felt bored in his classroom. 

Last but not least, he also used to request school management to organize some excursions to keep the fun element in education. 

He was such a genius and brainy person that he always had innovative ideas to bring improvements to the school. 

I had a wonderful experience of learning at school, especially the science subject, and the credit goes to the science teacher Mr. Singh. 

Model Answer 2:


  • It is an acceptable truth that God blesses everyone with some creative talent, but few people who do much hard work can exhibit their creativity in front of others. 
  • I also have a talent for art and craft. I use old material and convert it into new one. 
  • Today I would like to talk about my very talented neighbour.

Who he/she is? and How do you know him/her?

  • She lives next to my home.
  • Her name is Sunita she is doing cloth stitching work at home. 
  • She learnt the basic terms of this skill from her mother. 
  • She did not attend any classes for it. In fact, she learnt new things about stitching from the internet.

What creative things he/she has done? 

  • As I said earlier, she did not take any training, but still, she can beat the best designers. 
  • She can stitch any design cloth by seeing the picture or as the customer explained. 
  • All young people of my society always design their dresses from her at lower prices. 
  • She also took part in many competitions and won many prizes. 

And explain why you think he or she is creative? and Conclusion:

  • I think the prominent reason behind the creative talent of her patience and hard work. 
  • Her stitching is so neat that customers do not complete about her work. 
  • She can use easily one dress material into another one, such as an old saree into a beautiful gown and convert long dresses into shorts. 
  • She always fulfils their customer’s demands. 
  • That’s why I always admire her creativity. 

Model Answer 3:


  • I think every person has some creative ability in him or her.
  • Some people show creativity in the kitchen, some in their kitchen gardens, some people show their creativity in decorating their house, some people are creative in the drawings or paintings they do, and some show creativity in the way they dress up.

Who he/she is? and How do you know him/her?

  • Here I would like to talk about a creative person who is my best friend Saloni’s mother.
  • Her name is Ramanpreet, and she is in her early fifties.
  • She’s always making something out of waste, things that we throw away.
  • Whenever I go to her house, she’s always making something or the other.

What creative things he/she has done?

  • Saloni tells me that she never sits idle.
  • She always has a project in her hands.
  • She has made many things out of waste paper.
  • I’ve seen beautiful decoration pieces made of 3-D origami, which her mother has made, and they look spectacular.
  • I go to my friend’s house very often, and every time I see something new.
  • The last time I went, she was making tote bags out of old clothes.
  • The tote bag she was making looked superb and was very sturdy
  • Her mother told me once that making tote bags out of old clothes is, in fact, upcycling old clothes and not recycling old clothes because the tote bags are used almost every day.
  • She has gifted many tote bags to her relatives and friends, and everyone uses them every single day.
  • Now that single-use plastics have been banned, everyone should get a tote bag while going to the market.
  • I have also learnt many things from Saloni’s mother.
  • I used to admire Saloni for her creativity, but I realise that all the creativity has come from her mother.

And explain why you think he or she is creative? and Conclusion:

  • I think Saloni’s mother is very creative because she can put just anything at home to use.
  • She has made flowerpots from old used bottles and oil cans.
  • Her whole house is decorated with beautiful things, and none of these has been bought from the market.
  • All these things are the result of her mother’s creativity.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a creative person whose work you admire”.

1. Do you think you are a creative person?
Yes, I am a creative person, but all my creativity is for myself only. Every day I creatively mix and match my old dresses and make them look new.
I also like to make pencil sketches out of my imagination and create different characters.

2. Is it good for children to learn arts?
Yes, it is very good for children to learn arts. Arts bring out their creativity and break the monotony of tough academic studies. Arts also keep children in touch with their culture and tradition.

3. What kind of jobs require people to be creative? 
I think all jobs require people to be creative. If people are not creative, then their job may become dull and boring after just a few days. If any job has to be done over and over again, then some element of creativity has to be added to it. For example, an engineer needs to think of new ways to do things; the plumber needs to learn new things every day to make his work better and simpler, a carpenter needs to learn new ways of doing things that can add grace to his work, a teacher has to bring up innovative methods to teach so that children don’t get bored.

4. Do you think leaders need to have the creative ability?
Yes, I think leaders need to have creative ability. If they are not creative, people then stop following them as they would appear boring to them, but if they add creativity to their work, talk, and way they do things, they will keep having followers.

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