IELTS FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

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What is IELTS full form ?

International English Language Testing System

How many modules in IELTS exam ?

Four : Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking

What is IELTS UKVI ?

Does the IELTS test accept American English ?

Yes, it does. It is an international test of English. In the speaking test, most examiners speak with an English or Australian accent. For spelling, you must choose either US or UK spelling – you can’t mix them.

Which skills do Itake on the same day ?

LRW are all taken on the same day. The speaking test can be taken either before, after or on the same da as the other skills.

Is there a break between the reading and writing test ?

No, there is no break between the listening, reading and writing test. They are all taken together and take a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes. So, make sure you eat and drink well before you take your test

Can I use a pen in my IELTS test ?

You can use a pen or pencil for your IELTS writing test. However , for your listening and reading test, you must use a pencil

How many times can I take my IELTS test ?

You can take it as many times as you want. There is no limit.

Can I wear a watch in my IELTS test ?

No, you can’t. You can’t wear ia watch in any of the IELTS tests, even the speaking test. There will be a clock on the wall soyou can check the time.

Can I write using capital letters ?

Yes, you can.

General Training IELTS – what are the differences ?

Follow this link and know more about it :

How is IELTS scored ?

How long are my IELTS result vaild for?

Your result is valid for 2 years.

When my result is declare after taking IELTS test ?

Your result will declare after 13 day when you have taken LRW test in IELTS.

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