About IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking Test Information

Below is essential information about the IELTS speaking test.

  1. The speaking test is face to face with an examiner at a room.
  2. There is just one speaking test for many candidates. Academic & GT candidates take the same speaking test.
  3. If vou do computer delivered IELTS, you are still going to have a face to face interview with the examiner. The speaking test remains the exact same for everyone.
  4. It’s recorded so you can request a remark if you wish later.
  5. This is an informal speaking test.
  6. The examiner who asks the questions will decide your results at the end of the test.
  7. The test continues between 11 and 14 mins (not more rather than less).
  8. The examiner controls the time and length of your replies.
  9. The test comprises of:
    1. ID check and Greeting
    2. Part 1 = questions and answers 4 to 5 mins
    3. Part 2 = a talk for 1-2 mins with rounding off questions for 1 min.
    4. Part 3 = discussion 4 to S mins
  10. To see the listening scores
  11. There are four marking standards :
    1. Fluency & Cohesion (25%)
    2. Vocabulary (25%)
    3. Grammar (25%)
    4. Pronunciation (25%)