expensive to look after and repair old buildings

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It is too expensive to look after and repair old buildings. This money should be spent on building modern buildings instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Infrastructure
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1

It is a fact that everything even human also required update or replacement after a specific time. So, a substantial question raises, and that is what should be done with old buildings. Some people opine that to spend money on their restoration and upkeep rather than to build modern ones. I partially agree with their views. So, I would discuss some points which strengthen my viewpoints in the upcoming paragraphs.

There are many reasons/ arguments in favour to repair the old buildings. There is much building which is based on historical facts, so it is necessary to spend money to maintain and improve the structure to save it for upcoming generations and save it so that people get meaning full information from it. Some buildings are used for official work, so if these buildings are knocked down, it will affect the job, so it is better to repair it instead of building new construction. Moreover, people’s feeling and good memories are attached to the old building, so they prefer to spend money to repair it rather than to demolish it.

On the other hand, there are many merits of new buildings, and the foremost advantage is it could be made in such a way that it can accommodate more people in that much space. Modern architecture is constructed with new facilities such as new interior design, sufficiently airy and more secure as compare to the old one. Another benefit is I can save much energy mean to say terraces could be used for solar panels which could save energy. Many buildings are or houses more than loo years old and these types of the structure required to maintain after few months and are not secure for people, so it is good to build a new building instead to repair old ones.

In conclusion, as we have seen above, those old buildings are still meaningful to people’ lives as well as educational purpose. Therefore, people should be encouraged to preserve our historical and significant structure but build a new one if old building required much money for repair and maintains.

Model answer 2

It has been a topic of intense debate for quite a while now regarding what should be done with older buildings. Some opine it is useless to invest in their upkeep and restoration and that it would be better to construct modern ones instead. I partly agree with their opinion. I feel that those old buildings that are neither beautiful nor useful should be demolished whereas these buildings that add character to a location give it a unique identity or have a historical significance ought to be repaired and restored in any way costs.

There are several arguments in favour of demolishing older buildings. It is not so uncommon to listen to the news on TV that construction in a specific city crumbled killing a few folks. The maintenance costs of these buildings that are in deplorable shape are far more than the cost of demolishing and building new ones instead.

Furthermore, the newer buildings can be produced in such a manner they can accommodate more people in that space. These buildings may also be designed to be energy efficient by using newer technologies that could save plenty of energy in the future. By way of instance, double glass panels may be used for insulation, and the terraces could be made as to accommodate solar panels. These steps are the need of the hour contemplating the

On the other hand, there are a few old buildings that give a distinct identity to a location and with a little maintenance can be used effectively even now. For example, the Sainik School of Kapurthala was the house the maharaja of Kapurthala, Jagatjit Singh. It is a magnificent piece of architecture and is presently serving a divine purpose. Many other such buildings house principal government offices or have been converted into hotels for tourists. We will be losing lots of our cultural and historical heritage if we demolish these buildings.

To put it in short, I pen down stating that, the decision to maintain or demolish old buildings should be made after considering many factors. If the old building can be used efficiently or be forced into a tourist attraction or is giving a personal identity to a location, it should be preserved. If a building is occupying plenty of room and is unfit to live in, then it ought to be demolished.

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