Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood.

You should say:
What was the toy?
Who gave it to you?
How often did you play with it?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1:

Introduction :

Well, talking about childhood toys makes me nostalgic. In my perspective, childhood is the golden phase of one’s life, and memories related to it would always hold a special place. Plus what could be more precious than a childhood toy? Since I was the apple of my family’s eyes, I was fortunate enough to have a myriad of toys, such as dolls, stuffed animals, building blocks, puzzles, handmade toys and many more. However, one toy which was close to my heart was a toy train, which my father gifted me on my 6th birthday.

What was the toy? and Who gave it to you?

I vividly remember my first train trip along with my parents, that time I saw an original train for the first time. I was awestruck by its enormous size, fascinating colour, and sound. The first word came from my mouth was, ” I wish if I could have something like this to play with at home”. Just after a couple of months, on my birthday morning, I saw a large gift-wrapped box in my room. I wanted to open it, but out of the blue, all my family members started to sing a birthday song.

Gauging my inquisitiveness, my dad asked me to unwrap it. I was over the moon to see my favourite toy. Immediately I went to my dad and gave him a huge hug. It looked exactly the miniature locomotive, with a cute red steam engine, 3-4 bogies along with some tracks parts. My dad helped me to assemble the train tracks and fix the train. I still remember the sound and lights of my toy train. I was extremely passionate about this battery-operated toy train and used to play now and then.

Although I was possessive about my belongings, I shared this toy with my siblings and buddies. It helped me to develop both my social and motor skills. At that time, we did not have the privilege to play with hi-fi electronic or battery-operated toys, which is readily available to contemporary generation kids.

Conclusion :

Only simple toys were our valuable possessions, and I had a whale of a time playing with this toy in my childhood. Moreover, I have a special bonding with this particular toy as it was the first thing my dad gave me without me asking for it, which enhanced both my creativity and imagination.

Model Answer 2:

Introduction and What was the toy?:

  • I had lots of toys in my childhood, but here I am going to discuss my electric toy car.

Who gave it to you?

  • My father gifted it to me on my 11th birthday.

How often did you play with it?

  • I used to spend hours playing it.
  • I had been greatly fascinated by it.
  • It was reddish in colour.
  • It functioned with four pencil torch batteries mended in a box below the Automobile.
  • When I switched it on, it would move in all directions.
  • When there was an obstacle on the way then the car could change directions.
  • In addition to it had lights, which flickered occasionally.
  • I was fascinated by this car that I used to finish its batteries very shortly.
  • I used to show it to my friends with pride.
  • Not one of my other friends had such a beautiful toy car.
  • I simply loved it once I saw the covetous look in their eyes.
  • I remember, once I took it to school in my bag.
  • When I came home, I got a big spanking from my own mother.

Conclusion :

  • I was quite possessive about my car and never utilised to let anyone touch it.
  • Though I don’t play with the car any more I have it in my room.
  • Its colour has faded, but it has emotional significance for me.
  • That’s why I have never considered giving it away to my older cousins.
  • It brings back nostalgic memories of the youth.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “talk about a toy you liked in your childhood”.

1. What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

Traditionally, women used to enjoy toys like dolls, kitchen sets, Boys normally preferred competitive toys such as guns, automobiles, and items to construct and items, which make a good deal of sound. Another difference was that boys usually picked blue, brown and green. These differences have been disappearing over the years.

2. Do you believe toys really assist in children’s growth?

Yes, toys play a big part in children’s development. It helps to develop their motor and sensory abilities and their cognitive abilities. At the same time, in addition, it leads to their social growth, particularly when they play with other kids. Kids also learn responsibility when parents request them to correctly store their toys.

3. Does modern technology have an impact on children’s toys?

Yes, modern technologies have a big impact on toys. Both the Kind of Toys available and also the children’s preferences for toys have changed over time. Today robots, app-controlled cars are more popular. Board games are becoming less and less popular. Straightforward action toys and figures have also become much more detailed.

4. Have we lost our hands skills such as sewing?

Sewing by hand has become a thing of the past. Sewing Machines come up in a big way. But guide sewing machines continue to be used. These possess a hand pedal or a foot pedal. My mother has a completely automatic computerised sewing machine, but she must operate it herself when she sews.

5. What toys are popular with children in India now?

Many kinds of toys are very popular in India. Children like wooden toys As well as other mechanical toys; however, electronic toys are quickly gaining popularity.

6. In general, do kids today have many toys?

Yes, they do. When I look at the children, I feel that they have too many toys. I never had so many. I believe parents, now, are substituting time that they have to spend with kids by giving them more and more toys.

7. Do you believe playing with electronic toys has a good influence on children?

Yes, electronic toys introduce children to technology. They increase The strategy forming abilities. They are great, but when kids spend too much time on digital games, they forget everything else and then these become unfavourable.

8. Do you think there are some toys which are just acceptable for girls and a few who are only acceptable for boys?

Not any longer. Gender Differences are evaporating fast, and boys and women play with identical kind of toys nowadays.

9. Which do you believe is better, for kids to play with toy alone or with other children?

It is definitely better for kids To play other kids. They learn to care and to share along with many other social skills when they play together with others.

10. Do you think parents should encourage their children to share their toys with other children?

Yes, undoubtedly. They Ought to encourage their children to share their toys with other kids. In this manner, they won’t need to have many toys.

11. How are toys today distinct to toys of yesteryear?

Now we have electronic toys, whereas we had wooden toys And plastic toys.

12. How can you believe toys will change in the future?

What the future holds in store for us no one can tell, however as far as I can see, there will be more and more electronic gadgets in the future, which the children will play with as toys.

13. If you were planning to give a present to your child, what could you give him?

I’d give a child a book for a gift. He may not enjoy it at first, But it is going to shortly develop the habit of studying a single day. I feel that books are the best gifts. They remain with that person forever.

14. What Types of Gifts do parents contribute to their young kids?

Pendants give all kinds of gifts to their children. They know the need for their kids and give presents accordingly. Most parents give educational gifts, where the child can find out something in an enjoyable way.

15. Is it good to Give kids too many presents such as a lot of toys?

No, it is definitely not good to provide a child too many gifts. Kids do not appreciate the value of toys when they are given a lot of toys. It also decreases their creativity and imagination. They also don’t know to share with other kids.

16. Some parents don’t spend much time with their child but instead, offer the kid gifts as a way to show their love. Do you feel this is good enough?

No, I do not think this is great enough. The Moment Been didn’t spend with the children is more significant than the gifts they give them.

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