Genetic engineering is an important issue in modern society

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Genetic engineering is an important issue in modern society. Some people think that it will improve people’s lives in many ways. Others feel that it may be a threat to life on earth.
Discuss both opinions and give your opinion

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Genetic Engineering
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People all over the globe take into consideration the importance of genetic engineering. Even though it’s sometimes believed that it’s many advantages to humanity, others have the belief it may bring destruction to the ecosystem. But my view on that problem is that both positive and negative consequences of genetic engineering must be carefully researched and subsequently needs to be utilized for the higher good of humankind.

There are particular variables of the engineering solutions. To put it differently, the number of pesticides and fertiliser employed are low. What’s more, many nations are creating genetically engineered plants to generate a great number of crops and abundant harvest. Genetic engineering may also tackle the increased food requirements of individuals around the world. Many ailments that individual genetically inherits could be fought with the progress of genetic engineering and in addition, it can ensure a creation.

But some people today assert that it brings long-lasting impacts to environment and humanity. Particular reasons for these would be the worries of human wellbeing where many altered foods contain toxins that are harmful to people. In addition, it generates a minimum quantity of nourishment. Another significant concern is the possible damage to the environment- after genetically modified organisms have been released to the wild, it interbreeds with the native organism which generates new species which might not be desirable.

Finally, in my opinion, it’s vital to check out the positive side it brings to humankind. This manner, scientific method of farming and farm are essential in our surroundings.

In summary, there are great arguments for and against genetic engineering, therefore individuals must continue to investigate different procedures to minimise the unwanted side effects of technology products to make sure the improvement of each person in the foreseeable future.

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