Some people prefer shopping in shopping centres while others prefer local markets

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

Some people prefer shopping in shopping centres while others prefer local markets.
What are the advantages of each?
Which shopping experience do you prefer?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

Question Overview

Topic : Shopping from local market or shopping centers
Type : Double Question

Model Answer 1: (In favour of shopping centres.)

Nowadays, shopping centers are now increasingly popular than local markets due to the distinct benefits they give. This essay will examine the benefits of each kind of market and state my taste for shopping.

On the one hand, many individuals select shopping malls due to the greater environment and wide range of shops in one location. For active individuals, time-saving is the vital variable, and they more often go into shopping malls than local markets. As shopping malls offer you an assortment of products under a single roof and guarantee better quality, wealthy customers prefer to purchase goods from them. Also, the surroundings of shopping malls are far superior to that of neighborhood markets. Suitable methods of payment procedures, for example, credit cards, are just another fantastic benefit that many shopping malls provide. Since vinyl money provides more safe and convenient shopping methods, folks would rather attend a shopping center where these kinds of payments are approved. It is frequently stated that shopping malls will be the future of purchasing while local markets would be the idea of modern days.

On the other hand, local markets also offer you a broad array of benefits and goods to individuals. In reality, the freshness of fruits and vegetables might be a fantastic benefit of neighborhood markets why so many individuals still prefer local markets within buying centers. Simultaneously, the cost difference is just another reason a lot of men and women believe local markets are far better areas for shopping. It is indeed a fact that the local marketplace provides a relatively cheaper cost. Thus, these benefits exemplify the requirement of neighborhood marketplace to the people and why folks prefer it.

In conclusion, shopping centers and local markets equally provide distinct favorable experiences to the customers, and both will need to maintain shape due to their different advantages. I think shopping centers create a better shopping experience for me personally than neighborhood niches as I most often store in a shopping mall than at a neighborhood industry.

Model Answer 2: (In favour of local markets)

People have different tastes in terms of purchasing areas and purchasing experience. The next article clarifies the advantages of both areas and expresses my taste.

For any range of reasons, some people decide to buy products from a massive market. Primarily, buying a shopping mall is much preferable to that of neighborhood markets. Malls and plazas are outfitted with all the surveillance systems, and safety guards guarantee consumers’ security and protection. Second, buying a somewhat complex is much more convenient and comfortable since most shopping malls have been outfitted with air conditioners which produce the temperature calming.

However, few individuals still prefer local markets to the purchase price. It is common that in a conventional marketplace, people get relatively cheaper costs. Many traditional or unique products are not offered in new areas which can be found in local markets.

In summary, it is indisputable that purchasing in new marketplace places or conventional markets has its bright sides. I prefer to store at a nearby market because I am a fantastic bargainer and purchase things at a greater cost. The shopping experience, cost and wide range of products at a local marketplace make it more acceptable for me to shop more often.

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