Many people believe that companies and individuals should pay to clean up the environment in proportion to the amount of pollution they have produced

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Many people believe that companies and individuals should pay to clean up the environment in proportion to the amount of pollution they have produced.
To what extent to you agree or disagree?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Environment
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 

It’s frequently argued that people ought to be charged with regard to the amount of pollution they create. While I accept that particular organisations should be penalised for this, I believe that every individual shouldn’t be forced to pay a fine.

Having penalised with a specific quantity of money factories can assist the authorities to raise cash which may be used in a variety of long-term and rationalised steps to mitigate the contamination from the earth. This may also deter them from making more pollution and garbage. Take London as an example, where authorities have spent a hefty sum of money in public transportation, in particular, local buses which have been designed to be a lot more efficient than the older ones. These vehicles discharge fewer combustible pollutants to the air. Also, these self-centered companies sometimes exploit natural resources like forests, water property and agricultural lands, outside all their constraints just to raise the profit. If those companies aren’t obliged to share the amount of money, which is needed to suppress pollutions, they will become more short-sighted (or greedy) in relation to making more money without even caring about the effect on climate change and environment.

However, I would argue that every individual should not be responsible to pay recommended fine. It’s unrealistic that we can prevent people from polluting the universe merely by imposing charges. Because individuals need power to enjoy technology, a farmland to develop plants and a lodging to live, food to eat as well as a mean of transport to travel. Furthermore, if people from devastated backgrounds are billed more for the impact they have on climate; it will create an upheaval situation where lower-income groups would not be able to cover for their daily requirements.

In summary, organizations who are earning millions of pounds by simply exploiting natural resources should just be compelled to discuss the sum of money in curbing the pollution instead of most of the common citizens.

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