There are more cars on the roads these days and more accidents are happening

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There are more cars on the roads these days and more accidents are happening. As a result, some politicians have suggested that people should take regular driving tests throughout their lives, rather than one single test.
What do you think are the advantages of repeat driving tests?
Do these outweigh the disadvantages?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Car accidents
Type : Discussion

Model Answer 1: (Drawbacks outweigh the advantages)

In most nations, individuals have a driving test until they are given the driving license, and the renewal of a driving license does not need the man to retake the examination. However, many politicians indicate that diligent evaluation must replace the evaluation once in a life’ policy. Undeniably, the suggested policy has some edges, but the downsides are much greater.

It is a scientific actuality that skilled motorists are less likely to overlook their driving ability till they become physically unfit. The power should upgrade the drivers concerning traffic rules’ fluctuations, not examine their capacity to drive a car or truck. Additionally, strict punishment and punishment ought to be enforced to your traffic rule breach.

Additionally, a periodic driving evaluation could destroy people’s money, energy and time on the one hand and also drain the government’s budget on the opposite hand. According to a recent report, new applicants need to wait for many weeks to find a driving license because of the inadequate facility and labour. Possessing the insistent driving ability test would consequently make this much worse.

In conclusion, instead of questioning people’s capacity to recall how to drive, stringent policies and street security should prioritize. The driver needs to be educated, not examined on their ability to drive a vehicle as this suggested coverage would include weight both to the normal folks and the ability.

Model Answer 2: (Benefits outweigh the disadvantages)

The rising number of automobiles and reckless driving will be the significant causes of increasing road accidents nowadays. Therefore, some folks, in addition to a few politicians, say their opinion that insistent driving evaluations, not only once to find the license, should be set up. This informative article presents my views favoring this constant testing procedure for driving some good examples and motives.

Street safety in a nation is a significant concern, so is your responsibility as a politician relating to this. This is because raising vehicular movements can lead to more injuries on the streets. By way of instance, they might be unable to find the traffic signs and street signs readily when they become old. Because of this, such motorists might potentially strike other moving vehicles along with the people. Besides, in most countries, young motorists frequently do not abide by the traffic rules and using regular tests would guarantee their consciousness in driving. Finally, when folks might need to occasionally take driving tests, they will not violate any traffic principle.

On the other hand, the multiple evaluations for driving within our life may unnecessarily inflict a burden. This is only because we must get ready for the test to renew the license. Additionally, we will need to pay the examination fees every time, considered an unwanted cost by many. Thus, many people may tend to stay away from the evaluations, which will cause a situation that one day we will get pulled over and fined for an obsolete license. Therefore, constant tests might not fix the increased issue readily, while the motorists will probably always be under strain.

In summary, as clinical evaluations enhance our driving precision, the advantages of these tests surpass the downsides.

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