There has been a huge increase in the sizes of the cities. Many cities have grown in a haphazard way

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There has been a huge increase in the sizes of the cities. Many cities have grown in a haphazard way. Why is careful planning important in the development of cities?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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It is not only a headache for the government, but people are facing many problems due to inadequate infrastructure also. So, there is a need for careful planning. I would discuss some of the issues and their solutions in the below paragraph.

There are various problem occur if a city grows without any planning. First is the city will collapse if the infrastructure (buildings, roads, power supplies) not planned because shelter, water, transportation and sanitation(conditions relating to public health, especially the provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewage, disposal.) are a significant parred city design if these services are not working correctly then people can face many problems such as waterlogged, health issues and traffic. The second issue is, nowadays government construct highway and flyover to control the traffic but the officers do not realize that they increase the environmental matters because the development process replaces the parks and green lands which decrease the oxygen level and increase the other harmful gases level.

Moreover, the government give license to the factories which located near to the residential areas which not only create air and noise pollution but put hazards effect of human health. In addition to it, satellite signals direct ‘If connected to telephone towers which mostly locate cities centres put the terrible impact on humankind as well as on animals and birds also. Due to the harmful waves, many bird species are going to be extinct. Furthermore with solutions, firstly, however, development is suitable for every nation but if government motivated to people to use public transport rather than a private one and increase the routes of the general vehicle instead to constructed the flyovers which replace the green lands. Secondly, do not permit companies to run their tower near to the residential area and put hefty fine if a company do not follow government restrictions. Another solution is that urbanization contributes to increasing the population in the city; it is okay if building high is enhanced by i including more story in it rather than to extend the city area.

In Conclusion, after analyzing all the points, it is clear that the city many lose its charm and life become miserable if the city does not adequately plan. So, authorities need to pre-plan all the structures and provide excellent services to people.

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