Many countries now have people from different cultures and ethnic groups

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Many countries now have people from different cultures and ethnic groups. What are the reasons for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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The present century has witnessed the surprisingly increasing formation of multicultural societies where people who belong to a different culture, religion and nation stay together. Although it has both negative and positive effects on a country. There are many reasons why people tend to emigrate from one country to another. I would discuss some reasons, along with its merits and demerits in the upcoming paragraph.

To begin with some causes of why people move from country to country. First and foremost reason is for better living standard. Developed nations provide excellent services like health care services, career opportunities and many more to their citizens, so that’s why people from undeveloped or developing countries shift to the developed nation for their better future.Moreover nowadays most of the children pursue their studies in abroad because of their facilities such as scholarship, practical skill and education system which they do not receive in their own country and that is one of the reasons people move to another country.

Nevertheless, this demographic trend brings many advantages to raced mixed countries. Firstly, immigrants such as engineers, scholars and other highly skilled professionals create competition as well as productivity which boost up the countries’ economy. Secondly, this trend promotes different customs and traditions such as new languages, food and fashion. In addition to in this way, a small country’s culture gets an international standard which is very beneficial for that nation to which it belongs.For example, Punjabi culture is famous in many countries because many Punjabi people are settled in different countries. Further, multiculturalism also fosters cultural diversity and hence people become open-minded and tolerant.

However, despite its benefits, this situation has some negative consequences. Sometimes different culture leads some conflicts between people which create disturbance in society and indirectly affect the country’s economy. For example, in America, where it has still existed the distinction between the White and the Black man.

In conclusion, although having lots of merits of multi-cultures but drawbacks should not be ignored. I believe that the government’s control plays a vital role in society’s growth and development. So they have to make sure that equality and justice should be maintained if they want to move smoothly.

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