Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and this money could be better spent elsewhere

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and this money could be better spent elsewhere.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Art, wasting money and Government
Type : Opinion

Model Answer

Sample Answer 1: (Disagree)

Arts occasionally reflect the legacy of a nation and portray the creativity of somebody. Even though many think that financing in the artwork is a cash projection, I am of the contrary perspective as I feel that funding in the artwork is a fantastic idea for the authorities.

Supporters of this notion put forth that diverting capital towards artwork hamper the federal well-being. This usually means raising care of the ill and enhanced transportation to formerly inaccessible locations. For kids, it caters to greater literacy prices. Following them, other essential sectors require more income, and consequently, a government must stop spending money on arts and invest in more significant areas.

Nevertheless, while investments in these regions are critical, spending on artwork is every bit as important. Allocating cash to the evolution and sustenance of artwork helps boost the market. Art galleries may bring in tourists from all around the planet, generating earnings in return. It is also true that seeing and practicing arts are great sources of venting out pressure and recreate. Such actions also depict a country’s positive image and help to relish if portions of artwork become famous. If governments do not encourage the arts financially, many art galleries and theaters will not live.

Consequently, spending on the arts is advantageous both for a person and society. Therefore funding arts is not wasting cash.

Model Answer 2: (Agree)

Some argue that there are many pressing issues a nation must solve first before placing highlights to the artwork. However, art is an indispensable part of a civilization, and it is fairly reasonable to devote funds to conserve and create artwork.

To start with, most artwork projects are costly without the obvious outcomes which have direct connections to a country’s income. By way of instance, the monument of Kebangkitan Pahlawan at Malang town, which adsorbed nearly 1 billion rupiahs, does not draw in people that much. Moreover, art is not a crucial feature of the sustainability of an individual’s life. Human life will not disappear, just as they have less flavor of esthetic.

Nevertheless, I still encourage the authorities should allocate funds for arts. Art is a part of a civilization that becomes the country’s identity, and whether the culture is powerful enough, finally, it might be a significant source of revenue. The authorities in Indonesia invests over a third of the funding to keep their original arts. What is more, the artwork creates a life worthwhile – like meals, and the artwork is a nutritional supplement for your soul. Just picture how space will be if there is not any decoration or painting on the wall! Art is improving people’s lifetime by minding their experiences and enabling individuals to have a beautiful imagination.

In conclusion, encouraging artwork is essential to get a government as it might improve the quality of life by enhancing the tourism business or supplying a much better artistic center.

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