In many countries there is a shortage of housing due to a growing population

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In many countries, there is a shortage of housing due to a growing population. Some people argue that new towns should be built in the countryside, others argue for the regeneration of cities.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of building new towns in the countryside?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Topic : Population, Housing Shortage
Type : Advantages – Disadvantages

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With approximately eight billion people on the planet, several cities have small spaces to accommodate the expanding amount of people and their home. A huge number of people are moving into the urban areas daily for better jobs, contemporary facilities, schooling and healthcare providers to grow the anxieties the towns have. To fix the home and other pressing problems as a result of the flourishing of the populace, lots of individuals opine that structures of new towns around rural regions are the very best solution while some have a different perspective on this. The next group supports regeneration of towns as opposed to building new cities near countrysides. Placing new towns in the neighbourhood of the countrysides has its benefits and drawbacks.

To start with, building new towns close to the countrysides would demand a massive budget. Since most underdeveloped and developed countries have a lack of funds to support the fundamental needs of taxpayers, carrying such initiatives will uplift their debts. Further, these towns are far from the principal cities, and whether the government fails to supply each facility the already recognized cities have, individuals would not remain there and that have an opportunity of their depreciation of cash in the long term. Ultimately, many cities have acute congestion issue, and construction such new towns around rural regions will make the situation worse as people’s requirement for commuting to those new cities would grow.

On the other hand, accurate preparation and proper implementation of establishing new towns around rural areas instead of regenerating present cities have lots of merits. To start with, this could be a superb approach to address the housing problems many towns possess. If the authorities can guarantee appropriate facilities in the recently constructed towns, the strain on present cities would fall tremendously. Recently constructed cities would start many new occupation centres which would help the adjoining rural areas to grow also. No doubt that the structures would demand a massive budget, but the authorities are going to have a superb chance to control many small business sectors there to make steady earnings. Ultimately, these new towns could have contemporary buildings and new structures which would fight better from the natural calamities such as the earthquake.

In summary, building new towns around rural regions has been a plan that may bring many conveniences both to the taxpayers and the authorities in a nation. It may be a superb means for solving home and contamination problems in present cities, although some negative effects of the plan need to be taken under account.

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