salary is the most important consideration

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration for many. Others, however, prefer different other aspects of a job over the salary they earn. In your opinion what are the most important aspects of a job?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Job
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1

A lot of men and women consider their wages as the most outstanding quality of their occupation even though some think that their contributions to society throughout their tasks hold more significance compared to the money that they earn. In my view, a project should have moral needs and has to be more passion-oriented. Otherwise, it might be useless to operate only for a salary.

Let us examine why fire is a dominant portion of people’s project life. Without doubt, fire functions as the fuel which drives individuals to defy the caustic facet of the job. If individuals chose a job that’s nowhere linked for their affection and enthusiasm, they will become a sufferer of depression and also perform poorly at their jobs. On the flip side, if we flashlight upon influential individuals’ stories, we would discover that nearly all them were at the career they were enthused about. Suppose Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the two of these were technology fans, and consequently took engineering as the way of the livelihood.

In any case, a project has to be ethically demanding where folks will need to locate facets of doing something for society and humanity. Working for many people not just will offer mental satisfaction but besides will reinforce the aim of their occupation life. Require Mother Theresa or even Nelson Mandala for instance. The two are highly admired because of their functions for humankind, and they did their very best since they understood they had been doing something to others and also to make the planet a much better location.

In conclusion, wages is somewhat essential for folks to encourage their costs, but when they do not feel connected to their job, they will feel tired in their lifetime. They will also be curbed from the undue strain, which might have been prevented if they had the fire and moral context in their occupation.

Sample answer 2()

It may look odd yet dull; however, we cannot deny that we perform to get money so we could place food on the desk for our loved ones. However, aside from the wages we make, we also search for job satisfaction, increase opportunity and societal recognition out of our livelihood.

To start with, salary is significant as without it we will not be operating for a business in any respect. Some individuals are always after cash and would not be afraid to modify their occupation if they are given a higher salary. Nevertheless, to other people, job fulfilment is every bit as essential since it guarantees work-life equilibrium and enables us to be more pleased within our office. A high amount of individuals would not undermine their job satisfaction for the cost that they can offer. Many top executives that step from big businesses to function for smaller businesses or to conduct their organizations are excellent examples of just how much they appreciate job satisfaction within the salaries they make.

Also, the growth opportunity is just another facet people frequently searched for in their professions ‘ A moderate salary plus a fantastic career development facet’ is much superior to more excellent salary without a career development’ according to many professionals, and they are wise enough to imagine the future compared to the operating after just cash. Ultimately, we frequently would like to be at a profession that’s socially valued and valued. By way of instance, some of my coworkers left high-paid personal tasks to carry government jobs only since that might offer them social recognition and that I understand the reason behind their conclusions.

In summary, besides wages, job satisfaction that ensures that a work-life equilibrium is also significant. Additionally, career development and societal recognition frequently compel us to select work which brings us significantly less money than we can create from different tasks.

Essential aspects of a job other than “salary”:

  1. Job security
  2.   Job satisfaction
  3.   Great working environment
  4.   Opportunities for the use of skills and abilities
  5.   Appreciation and rewards
  6.   Feeling safe at the workplace
  7.   Social recognition
  8.   Passion for the work

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