People generally know that the environment is important

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People generally know that the environment is important. However, most individuals still don’t take responsibilities to protect the environment. Why is this? What should be done to encourage people to protect the environment?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Environment
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Since we have recognized our ability to harness nature, people have started to use it to make our lives more comfortable and convenient.. Instead, though, people began using this authority and harming quality to the degree that is devastating for the whole human race. Anthropogenic climate change and pollution from the environment are threatening our very existence on this planet, and yet_ people arc neglecting our obligations to protect. The environment. Primarily because people do not realize its real consequences and believe it can be addressed in the future.

The first explanation is our inability to understand the devastating effects of global warming. Despite frequent Television and newspaper stories und the globe, people are still unaware of the world’s fate. As people work hard to save even more money to rebuild a house or have a newer car, people can’t figure out how many parts of the world would become an unlivable cause of the rise in sea level and waste. People would have taken nature protection as seriously as we treat our own career or future if people only ew. Many people feel that environmental issues are too nuanced to regulated by individual actions, which I consider to be a misguided idea.

Another factor people are oblivious to environmental degradation is our scepticism that it can be solved l in the future. As a result, people am concerned to address more immediate problems like housing short or traffic congestion than to prevent the disaster that is only predicted to own- in the future. For example, many people still believe that the rate of environmental degradation and global warming is n severe as it is reported in the media, and the technologies people are developing in the future will easily control it. Clearly, these beliefs and attitudes are wrong, and people need to act now to mitigate the damage. Young people need to be taught their responsibilities to protect nature in schools and encouraged wherever possible to plant trots. In addition, the government would enact strict laws that would prevent people from using environmentally harmful disposable goods. Finally, by providing tax incentives and other advantages, the government will encourage people to make the world greener.

In conclusion, if people don’t want to make our other planet an uninhabitable and barren place, people need to acknowledge the real danger of climate change and act prudently to save it for us and our generations to come.

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