Latest PTE Write from Dictation June 2023

Welcome to our forecast for the “Latest PTE Write from Dictation June 2023″.

In this article, we provide predictions for the trends that might emerge in the ‘Write from Dictation’ section of the June 2023 exam.


PTE Write from Dictation 2023

  1. Most of the lectures begin promptly, so do not be late.
  2. Tutorials are scheduled for the final week of the term.
  3. A mixture is defined as a compound of chemically separate parts.
  4. The student union hosts a variety of social events.
  5. Currently, the growth of the company is unpredictable.
  6. Computers are a great source of knowledge for the students.
  7. We are moving at a very fast pace.
  8. The timetable will be posted on the website in the morning.
  9. All students do their homework at home.
  10. Road safety measures can reduce accidents.
  11. Tomorrow’s lecture has been cancelled due to the power outage.
  12. I am glad that Professor Gordon just joined our faculty.
  13. An extension is only available under special circumstances.
  14. The new law was harder to impose than the government thought.
  15. Digital scans of archived materials are provided for a small fee.
  16. There is a fitness centre next to the student union.
  17. Optional tutorials are offered in the final week of the term.
  18. The essay should be clear during the exam.
  19. Students live in the residence hall during term time.
  20. You may not manage your time well without a reading list.
  21. It is a debate about the value of knowledge.
  22. Digital scanners can scan all kinds of materials provided that they are in small pieces.
  23. Today we have a guest speaker who is visiting from Canada.
  24. During the examination, electronic devices must be left to the supervisors.
  25. All laboratory equipment will be provided in class.
  26. Before choosing your university courses, you should consider your future career.
  27. Over the years more and more students are young.
  28. Calcium’s nutritional value enjoys growing popularity every year.
  29. Traffic noise is intensified by high buildings.
  30. All students join art classes in the first term.
  31. Children need books in their own language with settings that reflect their lives.
  32. Our students have participated in exchange programs to widen their horizons.
  33. Keeping organized class notes makes study time more efficient.
  34. A computer virus has destroyed all my files.
  35. The main aim is to introduce educational reforms.
  36. Tuition fees will vary according to the fields of study.
  37. The results of this research presented a value of the balance of the ecosystem.
  38. Research shows that knowledge and experience are essential to creativity.
  39. This guide is qualified to lead the groups into the mountains.
  40. We are delighted to have Professor Robert join our faculty.
  41. It is compulsory to attend the laboratory instruction.
  42. The department has been reimbursed for equipment.
  43. While some people regard it as caring, others regard it as reckless.
  44. They are most likely to achieve more of these objectives.
  45. The excursion will go ahead on Thursday as planned.
  46. It is necessary to attend the laboratory introduction.
  47. The full list of undergraduate programs can be found on the website.
  48. Many governments found that it is difficult to reduce poverty in our society.
  49. A treaty deal built between the two countries was just announced.
  50. Political assumptions are based on voting behaviors.
  51. Researchers found that trees can relieve stress and anxiety.
  52. You must wear clean shoes when working in the lab.
  53. A trade between the two companies has just been announced.
  54. You need student identification to borrow books from the library.
  55. Please confirm that you have received the textbook.
  56. The cooperator operates a continuous assessment.
  57. The sports team members often practice on weekdays and play games on weekends.
  58. Newspapers across the country have been reporting stories about the president.
  59. Today’s lecture was canceled because the lecturer is ill.
  60. Many people think they are more talented than others.
  61. Earlier reports suggested that a meeting would take place on Sunday.
  62. Journalists need to work with a range of technologists.
  63. Students requiring for an extension should apply sooner rather than later.
  64. Students must present a valid identification to enroll in this course.
  65. Universities across the United Kingdom welcome a range of students.
  66. In his lifetime, he composed a large number of works.
  67. The university now faces a serious challenge in finance.
  68. The assignment submission has been extended by a few weeks.
  69. Police phones are difficult to call, so crime rates are high.
  70. This course provides valuable information for work experience.
  71. Students must register for shared accommodation.
  72. Student representatives will be visiting the classrooms with voting forms.
  73. A wide range of aspects are covered in this subject.
  74. The lecture will take place in the main hall.
  75. Joining a society can help to meet new people.
  76. Online courses enable people to improve their skills while employed.
  77. Global connections thrived in academic communities, thanks to social media.
  78. Art is an expression of creative skills and imagination.
  79. Students should have awareness of how the business develops globally.
  80. Studies showed there is a positive correlation between the two variables.
  81. The director of the gallery was grateful for the anonymous donation.
  82. The field of journalism has been seeing job declines for decades.
  83. Exam results will be published on the noticeboard.
  84. Many businesses near the campus offer students discounts.
  85. Mathematics can be applied in various disciplines.
  86. To take this course, students should have basic subject knowledge.
  87. As student union members, you can influence and change our university.
  88. Archeologists discovered tools and other artifacts near the ancient tombs.
  89. All students are expected to participate in all class activities.
  90. The lectures today were carried out in the field of global warming.
  91. Statistics is a crucial branch of mathematics.
  92. The college includes two branches, physical and social sciences.
  93. The speaker began the outlines before the presentation.
  94. Major sports on campus include rugby, soccer, and tennis.
  95. The elective course introduces engineering students to construct practices and concepts.
  96. The gap between the rich and the poor does not decrease.
  97. Students will focus on reporting news on changing the media world.
  98. We are researching on the most significant challenges we are facing in our society today.
  99. The result of the study is important to this detection.
  100. This course provides the opportunity to get valuable industry experience.
  101. Education and training provide important skills for the labor force.
  102. Economic development needs to be supported by the government.
  103. The new camera can identify your eyes and focus on them.
  104. It is not possible to solve the problem easily.
  105. Practical experience is a vital part of legal training.
  106. The economy is now showing the first sign of recovery.
  107. Physics is a key subject to understand the world and the universe.
  108. The library is located on the north side of the campus.
  109. Novelists write things that they know about.
  110. Manufacturing now brings in more people than agricultural and fishing combined.
  111. The advanced course requires a basic knowledge of economic theory.
  112. Scientists have found all parts of science.
  113. Technology has changed the media we both used and studied.
  114. Two drops of the solution were heated in a test tube.
  115. The digital camera has some advantages over traditional film.
  116. The typical part of this course involves the study of society.
  117. The posters are on display at the larger lecture theater.
  118. This course puts great emphasis on critical thinking skills.
  119. We aim to develop a partnership with the government and financial institutions.
  120. It will be extremely beneficial to work together.
  121. Peer review is an essential part of scientific methods.
  122. The untapped potential of using the sun’s rays is phenomenal.
  123. Industries now bring more job opportunities than agriculture and fishing combined.
  124. The classical mechanism is considered a branch of mathematics.
  125. A good architectural structure should be usable, durable and beautiful.
  126. A pie chart provides a useful means of data comparison.
  127. Our laboratory equipment is provided free of charge.
  128. Air pollution is a serious problem all over the world.
  129. Students must attend the safety course before entering the engineering workshop.
  130. People have been dependent on using phones in their everyday life.
  131. Practical experiments are an essential part of the chemistry course.
  132. Sea levels are expected to rise during the next century.
  133. Scientists were unsure when the first man left Africa.
  134. Continuing students will be receiving the necessary application forms.
  135. Students are advised that all the lectures today have been canceled.
  136. Students will develop confidence in their ability to think critically.
  137. The project is divided into four main sections.
  138. New credit cards will soon use fingerprint technology.
  139. The food crops require a large quantity of water and fertilizer.
  140. There is an accounting assignment for finance students.
  141. Philosophy uses a lot of logic and reasoning to analyze human experiences.
  142. The extent of advertising to children is very much open to debate.
  143. New media journalism is an interesting field of study.
  144. The key witnesses to the event have conflicting recollections.
  145. The university provides excellent leisure facilities for students and staff.
  146. The university provides different facilities for students and staff.
  147. Many universities are continuously expanding the postgraduate education online learning resources.
  148. He wrote poetry and plays as well as scientific papers.
  149. Lecture outlines are available on the college’s internal website.
  150. Scholarship applications must be handed in at the end of this month.
  151. These three separate resources are not enough for this assessment.
  152. A group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room.
  153. A person’s educational level is closely related to their economic background.
  154. A very basic definition of computing is counting and calculating.
  155. Agenda items should be submitted by the end of the day.
  156. All dissertations must be accompanied by a submission form.
  157. All industries consist of input, process, output, and feedback.
  158. All of the assignments should be submitted in person to the faculty office.
  159. All students are expected to attend ten lab sessions per semester.
  160. Although sustainable development is not easy, it is an unavoidable responsibility.
  161. Animals raised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.
  162. His appointment with the Minister of Culture seems like a demotion.
  163. Certain scientific principles need to be learned verbally or by a logical deduction.
  164. Climate change is becoming an acceptable phenomenon amongst the group of reputable scientists.
  165. Clinical placements in nursing prepare students for professional practice.
  166. Competition for places in the course is fierce.
  167. Radio is one of the most popular forms of entertainment throughout the world.
  168. Despite their differences, all forms of life share the same characteristics.
  169. Economic problems caused a big rise in unemployment.
  170. Geography is generally divided into two branches of human and physical.
  171. He landed a job in a prestigious law firm.
  172. Interim grades will be posted on the board outside the student lounge.
  173. It was hard to anticipate how all the different characters would react.
  174. Law is beneficial to investors by protecting their rights and avoiding any improper actions in the market.
  175. Library reference desks hold a lot of materials on academic history.
  176. Making mistakes is fine, as long as you learn from them.
  177. Most scientists believe that climate change threatens lives on earth.
  178. Most university teaching takes place in lectures and seminars.
  179. Organizational failure is considered in various perspectives in academic literature.
  180. The packaging is very important to attract the attention of a buyer.
  181. Please visit the website for information about the opening times.
  182. Read the four sections before the next meeting.
  183. Review all your sources before drawing any conclusions.
  184. Safety glasses should be worn while doing experiments in the lab.
  185. Scientific beneficiary to space exploration is frequently questioned.
  186. She began by giving an outline of the previous lecture.
  187. She has made a significant contribution to the field of chemistry.
  188. Some students find true or false questions harder than short answer questions.
  189. Statistical results should be expressed in different ways depending on the circumstances.
  190. Student concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form.
  191. The archaeologist’s new discoveries stand out in previously overlooked foundations.
  192. The business policy seminar includes an internship with a local firm.
  193. The cafeteria features sandwiches, salads, soup, fish, and chicken.
  194. The commissioner will portion the funds among all the sovereignties.
  195. The dance department stages elaborated performances each semester.
  196. The development of information technology has greatly changed the way people work.
  197. The island is located at the south end of the bay.
  198. The key difference between courses is the kind of assessment.
  199. The library holds a substantial collection of materials on economic history.
  200. The new paper challenged many previously accepted theories.
  201. The office opens on Mondays and Thursdays directly follow the freshman categories.
  202. The railway makes long-distance travel possible for everyone.
  203. The school’s summer programs help students to accelerate their studies.
  204. The teacher asked the group to commence the task.
  205. The theme of the instrumental work exhibits more of a demure compositional style.
  206. The toughest part of postgraduate education is funding.
  207. The undergraduates need some specific sources to analyze a specific program.
  208. The university theater group will be performing in the concert hall.
  209. New materials and techniques are changing the way of architecture.
  210. There is clearly a need for further research in this field.
  211. You should provide examples to support your ideas and arguments.
  212. This class will look at the structure of the essay.
  213. Traveling by boat on the river is not possible in winter.
  214. Undergraduates may pursue their specific interests within certificate programs.
  215. University fees are expected to increase next year.
  216. We can work together to achieve higher educational standards.
  217. When launching a product, research and marketing are very vital.
  218. You will need to purchase an academic gown for commencement.
  219. Collaboration between departments is a feature of successful companies.
  220. The ability to work with fellow students cannot be stressed enough.
  221. There is a welcome party for all new students each term.
  222. Please click on the logo above to enter the site.
  223. A good academic essay should have a clear argument.
  224. The poster of this play is hung in the large lecture theater.
  225. There are opportunities to receive grants from most artistic fields.
  226. The visiting guest used to be the lecturer of this department.
  227. Farming methods around the world have greatly developed recently.
  228. He was constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture closely together.
  229. Several candidates were graded as the greatest scientists of all time.
  230. All lectures and learning materials can be found on the internet.
  231. Calculators may not be used during the examination.
  232. Some departments have their own special book collections.
  233. Global connections increased in academic communities, thanks to social media.
  234. You will study two courses and three optional modules.
  235. Journalism faces the crises in the light of the digital revolution.
  236. Banks charge interest for money they loan to their customers.
  237. Some vocational courses in institutions are funded by private enterprises.
  238. It takes a long time to walk to university.
  239. Essays and assignments are spread out across the academic year.
  240. The north campus car park could be closed on Sunday.
  241. The blue whale is the largest mammal that ever lived.
  242. Speak to your tutor if you need further assistance.
  243. The course dates are available on the college website.
  244. We no longer respond to any postal reference requests.
  245. It is important to make clear notes when you are reading.
  246. A celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy.

In wrapping up, our predictions for the “Latest PTE Write from Dictation June 2023” are intended to serve as an extra resource in your PTE preparation.

While these are educated guesses, they should not replace your comprehensive study plan. Remember to practice regularly and stay updated with the latest PTE materials for the best outcomes.

Use these predictions to guide your studies, but remember to cover all the aspects of the test comprehensively.


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