Latest PTE Repeat Sentence June 2023

Welcome to our predictions for the Latest PTE Repeat Sentence June 2023.

In this post, we delve into the predicted trends and patterns for the PTE Repeat Sentence section, providing you with a glimpse into what you might expect in the upcoming June 2023 exam.

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PTE Repeat Sentence 2023

  1. Such behaviours are regarded as a deviation from the norm.
  2. He is particularly interested in 18th century French society.
  3. None of the students found it difficult to get a job.
  4. It is expected that all students will have their own laptops.
  5. There are lots of opportunities available for students on campus.
  6. Before submitting the paper, your thesis must be approved by your tutor.
  7. The professor took a year off to work on her book.
  8. The study of archaeology requires extensive international fieldwork.
  9. You may not be allowed to read any books without the reading list.
  10. Renewable energy sources are now used to produce electricity.
  11. We have specially assigned staff to help you find appropriate work placements.
  12. If you are worried about your work, you should see a study counsellor.
  13. Most of the student advisors are extremely helpful.
  14. Living in the 21st century is increasingly stressful.
  15. We weren’t able to agree on the appropriate independent variables.
  16. By logging in, you agree to all terms and conditions regarding your enrollment.
  17. Compiling a bibliography can present a major challenge for some students.
  18. Please read the article that was given out yesterday
  19. Please make sure you use the standard form of quotation.
  20. The chemistry building is located near the entrance of the campus.
  21. You must read every single page of this book and study it carefully.
  22. Today we have a guest speaker who is visiting from Canada.
  23. Tomorrow’s lecture has been cancelled due to the power outage.
  24. At the end of the day, people want to profit from the return on their investment.
  25. The university hosts a wide range of events both on and off campus.
  26. This will be the first art exhibition to be held by the university.
  27. The assessment of this course will begin next week.
  28. The support and advice of lecturers within the department has been invaluable.
  29. A balanced diet will help you study more effectively. 2002502
  30. Our ability to serve the community is a vital part of our role.
  31. I think that raising the issue and talking about it is great.
  32. Graduates from this course generally find jobs in the insurance industry.
  33. Each group should submit a rough outline of their project to their tutor.
  34. I have lectures on Tuesday from 9 am until 2 pm.
  35. One of the first mass transit systems was located in France.
  36. Key aspects of this investigative paradigm may prove useful in other spheres.
  37. The college operates on a system of continuous assessments.
  38. Students’ papers should be about a current social issue.
  39. The capacity of programming computers is expanding enormously every year.
  40. The paper has the potential to transform life sciences.
  41. Tuesday is the final day for students to submit their assignments without any penalty.
  42. Please note, submission deadlines are only negotiable in exceptional circumstances.
  43. Eating a healthy breakfast can provide energy throughout the day.
  44. The bibliography needs to be removed prior to publication.
  45. Many experts think that the world climate is changing.
  46. The cafeteria is open on Mondays and Thursdays.
  47. Accommodations on campus are limited but there are more options nearby.
  48. The temporary library will be closed during the winter break.
  49. Our goods compete in terms of product quality, reliability and variety.
  50. I met him on a flight from London to Paris.
  51. They still haven’t had any news about when they’ll be able to go home.
  52. I was inspired by the prospect of the new job ahead.
  53. He was at the clinic recovering from an operation on his arm.
  54. The slim booklets describe a range of services and facilities.
  55. The job encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, so it is very challenging.
  56. The first assignment is due on the 14th of September.
  57. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people in this course.
  58. The bus right out in the front will take you to the station.
  59. Extensions are only available under special circumstances.
  60. It’s important that we interact effectively and appropriately within a diverse society.
  61. The program is for technical and scientific students.
  62. The deadline for assignments is the 4th of February.
  63. Famous magazines tend to publish articles with alternative viewpoints.
  64. He had managed to cover a lot of topics in a short talk.
  65. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the meeting.
  66. The company will arrange a taxi to meet you at the airport.
  67. Collecting the raw materials proved a long and laborious task.
  68. Tests should be administered by a medical expert.
  69. What he’s bringing to the company is financial expertise.
  70. Lower speed limits are part of a new road safety campaign.
  71. Languages are an essential part of the school curriculum.
  72. The doctor examined her and said she had a chest infection.
  73. I would like to make an appointment to see the professor.
  74. Junior hospital technicians have to work very long hours.
  75. The new tools are being tested by senior specialists.
  76. The aim is to increase the speed of the processes.
  77. A company may have the same legal rights as a person.
  78. This type of butterfly travels to a country with a warmer climate in winter.
  79. You are recommended to only use footnotes when they are necessary.
  80. Becoming a good actor requires persistence and motivation.
  81. The training covers a range of scenarios that an actor might encounter.
  82. This office is for students who want to study abroad.
  83. Students are recommended to read new books by professor Johns.
  84. Students are encouraged to think carefully about their accommodation needs.
  85. This Thursday is the last day for students to withdraw from subjects without any penalty.
  86. Safety glasses should be worn while doing experiments in the lab.
  87. Let us see if the technology is going to cooperate with his presentation.
  88. We have very little actual documentation of it.
  89. The English expression is just a way of saying that age is not important.
  90. You can borrow up to two books at the same time in the library.
  91. I am glad that professor Gordon just joined our faculty.
  92. Mobile phone chargers vary enormously from one place to another.
  93. Lack of sleep can lead to changes in behaviour.
  94. When we talk, we use tone and expressions to understand.
  95. We are considering all candidates’ backgrounds and identities.
  96. We know that sleep is essential for a normal life.
  97. Many species have not yet been discovered by biologists.
  98. The trial experiment is to increase the interests of the issue and the jurisdiction clause.
  99. She’s doing a master’s degree by distance learning.
  100. Understanding the historical context will help you appreciate the art in this era.
  101. Marks will be awarded for bibliography in the correct format.
  102. You realise that you can deal with a lot of situations.
  103. We’ve been doing research in that area for probably 25 years.
  104. You can drop or add your courses online during the registration week.
  105. I’ve had a very happy childhood so I sometimes forget that others haven’t.
  106. I took everything to the copy centre this morning before class.
  107. Please make an appointment before attending the next meeting.
  108. Please make sure you fill in all your details before submitting.
  109. There’s been far more research on conventional crime and far more data is available.
  110. The plan is to phase out all cars with internal combustion engines by 2050.
  111. Next year I’m planning to take a sabbatical so that I can travel to South America.
  112. Computer failure is not an excuse for not submitting assignments on time.
  113. You have to submit projects by the end of this week.
  114. I hope I can take early retirement before I’m sixty.
  115. Keeping organised class notes will make study time more efficient.
  116. We heard the argument from several perspectives.
  117. You may use your student identification card to borrow books from the library.
  118. Would you pass me the textbook on that table?
  119. He studied for many years with an expert painter.
  120. Remember to bring calculators to class next week.
  121. Street lighting allows people to walk home safely at night.
  122. For further information, you will need to contact a member of our administration team.
  123. A new report outlines ways in which cities should address transport issues.
  124. The brain requires a constant supply of oxygen to keep it alive.
  125. I really don’t think so. Scientists should be free to do what they like.
  126. Before you hear the rest of the talk, you’ll have some time to look at questions 14 to 20.
  127. Anonymous behaviour can be identified without intervention.
  128. My favourite sports are soccer, tennis and basketball.
  129. Application forms for shared accommodations must be completed 2 months in advance.
  130. Students will need to be at the lecture this Thursday.
  131. Professor Tim Lee invented the World Wide Web.
  132. Note that the deadline for the submission of proposals has been extended for a week.
  133. All students must return the books to the college library before the end of the term.
  134. The department determines whether or not the candidates pass.
  135. Today’s lecture is cancelled because the lecturer is ill.
  136. The final exam will test material from all chapters covered in class this term.
  137. Collaboration is a feature of a successful company.
  138. Students must submit a thesis on an agreed subject within four years.
  139. Technology is important for the modern world.
  140. There is not enough space for me in the car.
  141. I think your watch is fast. You need to reset it.
  142. Building trust is not anything that can be achieved overnight.
  143. The university policy on plagiarism can be viewed on the website.
  144. The website has probably the most attractive layout
  145. Remember your essay should have less than 2000 words.
  146. Please make an appointment with your tutor about work.
  147. Several students raised different examples.
  148. One creative individual in Japan has made a similar protest for decades.
  149. You should return books to the library before ending your term.
  150. Modern businesses have adapted and been flexible in order to survive.
  151. There are many people in the USA who are critical of the voting system.
  152. Soil erosion can be caused by increasing rainfall and changes in plant growth.
  153. Contemporary critics dismissed his idea as eccentric.
  154. There will be no classes scheduled during the exam week.
  155. There is no point in designing efficient cars if we use them more and more.
  156. The rising inflation rate indicates a decrease in demand for consumer products.
  157. The field training will start soon, so pack everything before the deadline.
  158. The website is designed to be highly interactive.
  159. The geography assignments must be submitted by midday on Friday.
  160. You can retake the module if your marks are too low.
  161. Students should take advantage of the online help system before approaching their lecturers.
  162. Any textual references you make should be cited appropriately in the footnotes.
  163. By using the student identification card you can borrow books from the library.
  164. Our brain is the central machine of our body.
  165. Read the safety instructions before using the equipment during the workshop.
  166. African elephant is the largest land living mammal.
  167. Cells are the basic building blocks of all animals and plants.
  168. I was young and inexperienced and going too fast in wet weather.
  169. The framework will help pose more research questions systematically.
  170. It is clear that the effects of climate change will damage the world economy.
  171. Major sports on campus include rugby, soccer, and tennis.
  172. Presentation skills are important to both university and the workplace.
  173. There is too much information on this topic.
  174. Until you complete the form, you cannot attend.
  175. Everyone should get access to art galleries no matter where they live.
  176. Tuesday sessions will last for approximately two hours.
  177. We have three distinctive libraries which are nationally acclaimed.
  178. Experience would be an advantage for this managerial role.
  179. The library is located on the north side of the campus.
  180. If you forget your password, you need to contact the student centre.
  181. Please be careful when using online translation programs.
  182. To get a further extension, you need to call the education executive on 401.
  183. The course comprises 20 hours of lectures, seminars, and tutorials each week.
  184. Professor Gordon just called me a few minutes ago.
  185. There won’t be any space for me in the car.
  186. The books are filled with drawings of machines invented when he was a student.
  187. Our tutorial will take place on the second floor in room 1.
  188. Please read the first five chapters before the next week’s tutorial.
  189. When the demand for the course rose, university authorities took on additional academic staff.
  190. The geographic assignment should be submitted by the midday of Friday.
  191. The number of companies in bankruptcy skyrocketed in the third quarter.
  192. Students should take advantage of the internet before attending the lecture.
  193. Leading scientists speculate that numerous planets can support life forms.
  194. The university supplies a number of scholarships for those who have specific goals.
  195. We will study the following 2 pictures in the next lecture.
  196. I would like an egg and tomatoes on white sandwich bread with orange juice.
  197. Applicants for the course preferably have a degree in English or journalism.
  198. All applications for internship are available in the office.
  199. Ideally, free trade is beneficial for trading with two partners.
  200. Only those who are over 18 years of age are eligible to open a bank account in our bank.
  201. The health centre is situated at the corner of the university behind the library.
  202. The cafe will close soon but you can still access the snack machine which is running overnight.
  203. The technician left the new microscope in the biology lab.
  204. The test selected materials from all chapters in this course this semester.
  205. All sources of materials must be included in your bibliography.
  206. Companies are aiming to earn money not to change society.
  207. The hypothesis on the black hole is rendered moot as the explanation for the explosion.
  208. You can only choose one subject from biology and chemistry.
  209. Anatomy is the study of internal and external body structures.
  210. I don’t understand what the comment on my essay means at all.
  211. Your tutor is there for help, so do ask if you don’t understand anything.
  212. Please do not bring food into the classroom.
  213. Physics is a detailed study of matter and energy.
  214. Organic food is grown without applying chemicals and possesses no artificial additives.
  215. Number the beakers and put them away until tomorrow.
  216. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.
  217. The office opens on Mondays and Thursdays directly following the freshman induction seminar.
  218. If you forget your student number, you need to contact Jenny Brice.
  219. Our class is divided into two groups. You come with me, and the others just stay here.
  220. The Internet provides unusual opportunities for students and current events.
  221. To answer such a complex question with a simple yes or no is absolutely impossible.
  222. Newspapers across the country have been reporting stories of the president.
  223. Expertise in particular areas distinguishes you from other graduates.
  224. The older equipment has been put at the back of the building.
  225. There is a range of housing options near the university.
  226. Our school of Arts and Technology accepts applications at all points throughout the year.
  227. I could not save my work as my computer crashed.
  228. The rules on breaks and lunch hours vary from company to company.
  229. It is argued that students can learn more in collaborative rather than individual tasks.
  230. Our capacity to respond to national needs will determine our ability to flourish.
  231. In my free time, I would like to read current affairs and newspapers.
  232. In the 1880s, cycling became a major phenomenon in Europe.
  233. Will those happy days ever be forgotten by you?
  234. The United States is the largest chocolate manufacturing country.
  235. Nearly half of the television outputs are given away for educational programs.
  236. In consultation with your supervisor, your thesis is approved by the faculty committee.
  237. The program depends entirely on private funding.
  238. Is the hypothesis on black hole rendered moot as an explanation of the explosion?
  239. The generic biology technology lab is located at the North Wing of the library.
  240. Basketball was created in 1891 by a physician in physical structure.
  241. Students will not be given credits for assignments submitted after the due date.
  242. The clear evidence between brain events and behavioural events are always fascinating.
  243. The beggar was laughed at by children.
  244. No crop responds more readily to careful husbandry and skillful cultivation.
  245. Moving up the class ladder also brings unexpected costs.
  246. The economics faculty building is located on the city road.
  247. The student welfare officer can help with questions about exam techniques.
  248. This semester we plan to specialise in educational psychology.
  249. Students who wish to apply for an extension should approach their tutors.
  250. I’ve got a tutorial in an hour and I haven’t had any time to prepare for it.
  251. All essays and seminar papers submitted must be emailed to your tutor.
  252. Make sure you correctly cite all your sources.
  253. Next time, we’ll discuss the influence of the media on public policy.
  254. The student service centre is located on the main campus behind the library.
  255. Animals grow larger and stronger to hunt better.
  256. The sports team members often practice on weekdays and play games on weekends.
  257. As a student union member, we can influence the change of the university.
  258. Fishing is a sport and a means for survival.
  259. This small Indian state is a land of forest valleys and snowy islands.
  260. It’s within the framework that we’re making our survey.
  261. Today, we will be discussing the role of the government in preventing injustice.
  262. I expect a long and stagnant debate for a week or two on this issue.
  263. Please sort and order the slides of the presentation according to topic and speech time.
  264. The gap between rich and poor is not decreasing rapidly as expected.
  265. Higher fees cause the student to look more critically at what universities offer.
  266. Politicians could make better decisions if they listen to public opinion.
  267. He told me it was the most important assignment of all.
  268. Would you pass the material textbook on the table?
  269. You can download all lecture handouts from the course website.
  270. You can pay using cash or a credit card.
  271. The investigation aims to establish the effects of the problem.
  272. Students are afraid of writing an essay because they have learned nothing about it.
  273. The content of the book cover must be in capitals.
  274. Student discount cards can be used in the coffee house on campus.
  275. A renowned economist is selected to have a speech tonight at 8.
  276. Your enrollment information, results, and fees will be available online.
  277. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.
  278. There is varying plagiarism across different university department
  279. Children are not allowed in the chemical labs.
  280. The company exists for money, not for society.
  281. I’m glad that you’ve got it.
  282. Being a vegan means not consuming any animal product.
  283. The contest includes both the land living history and human history.
  284. It is good for the environment, and also good for your electricity bill.
  285. We are required to submit the assignment before Friday.
  286. All of our accommodations are within a walking distance to the academic buildings.
  287. What distinguishes him from others is his dramatic use of black and white photography.
  288. The study of archaeology requires intensive international fieldwork.
  289. The US ranks the 22nd in foreign aid, given as a percentage of GDP.
  290. The United States has developed a coffee culture in recent years.
  291. The professor will be the last speaker this evening.
  292. In 1830, periodicals appeared in large numbers in America.
  293. Most printers in the computer lab are out of ink.
  294. If you have problems, please contact your tutor.
  295. Please pass the handouts along to the rest of the people in your row.
  296. Advertisements have to appeal to people of different ages, socioeconomic groups, and sexes.
  297. Adverts might use humor, drama, or catchy slogans to grab people’s attention.
  298. Marketing involves many activities including doing research, developing products, and promoting them.
  299. I’m glad you got here safely.
  300. The university celebrated earth day by planting trees.
  301. In this library, reserved collection books can be borrowed for up to 3 hours.
  302. 39.5% of California residents speak a language other than English at home.
  303. The technology they introduced meant that metal and leather goods were produced there for the first time.
  304. The seminar on writing skills has been cancelled.
  305. You should raise your concern with the head of school.
  306. Establishing and retaining intellectual leadership clearly takes strong management skills.
  307. There will be an open book exam on Monday, the 28th.
  308. We offer a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  309. We are delighted to have Professor Robert to join our faculty.
  310. This lecture was meant to start at 10.
  311. Students are competing for every place in the computer courses.
  312. The wheelchair lift will be upgraded this month.
  313. The visiting professor is going to give a lecture on geology.
  314. The verdict depends on which side is more convincing to the jury.
  315. Answering this complex question with a simple yes or no is absolutely impossible.
  316. The topic next week on our column will be The Nuclear Disarmament.
  317. Newspapers around the world are reporting stories of presidents.
  318. There will be a guest lecturer visiting the psychology department next month.
  319. The lecture tomorrow will discuss the educational policies in the United States.
  320. I can’t attend the lecture because I have a doctor’s appointment.
  321. Globalisation has been an overwhelmingly urban and urbanisation phenomenon.
  322. A demonstrated ability to write correct and concise English is bigotry.
  323. He was constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture together.
  324. By clicking this button, you agree with the terms and conditions of this website.
  325. I had a sandwich and milk for my breakfast.
  326. Student loans are now available for international students.
  327. She doesn’t care about anything but what is honest and true.
  328. Half of the marks in mathematics are allocated to the correct working.
  329. Your watches are fast, you need to reset them.
  330. If you want to receive the reimbursement, you must submit the original receipts.
  331. To receive the reimbursement, you must keep the original receipts.
  332. This part of the session is not supported by documentation.
  333. The real reason for global hunger is not the lack of food, but poverty.
  334. The Psychology department is looking for volunteers to be involved in research projects.
  335. The part of the story is the story of my father.
  336. The original Olympic Games were celebrated as religious festivals.
  337. The original Olympic game is one kind of original festival.
  338. The office said Dr. Smith will arrive later today.
  339. The minimal mark for distinction to be awarded is no less than 75%.
  340. The library is located at the other side of the campus behind the student centre.
  341. The hypothesis needs to be tested in a more rigorous way.
  342. The first person in space was from the Soviet Union.
  343. The first few sentences of an essay should capture the readers’ attention.
  344. The development in information technology has greatly changed the way people work.
  345. The current statistical evidence indicates the need for further research.
  346. The course registration is open early March for new students.
  347. The context includes both land history and human history.
  348. The author expressed the idea that modern readers invariably cannot accept.
  349. Please come to the next seminar properly prepared.
  350. People with an active lifestyle are less likely to die early or to have a major illness.
  351. Costs can be calculated once the critical path has been established.
  352. Conferences are always scheduled on the third Wednesday of the month.
  353. Biographical information should be removed before the publication of the results.
  354. It is obligatory for companies to provide details of their industrial processes.
  355. It is important to take gender into account when discussing these figures.
  356. All the assignments should be submitted by the end of this week.
  357. All students are encouraged to vote in the forthcoming elections.
  358. All filed assignments should have a full list of bibliographies.
  359. Acupuncture is a technique involved in traditional Chinese medicine.
  360. A thorough bibliography is needed at the end of every assignment.
  361. A study skill seminar is only for students who require assistance.
  362. A preliminary bibliography is due the week before the spring break.
  363. A periodical is a publication that is issued regularly.
  364. A lot of agricultural workers came to the east end to look for alternative work.
  365. A computer virus destroyed all my files.
  366. New York City is famous for its ethnic diversity.
  367. Most of the assignments should be submitted on the same day.
  368. The economy of scale is the increase in efficiency that occurs when more goods are produced.
  369. Journalism is a collection and publication or transmission of news.
  370. If you are unable to complete the task in time, please notify me by email.
  371. If she doesn’t speak the language, she’s not going to sit around a week waiting for a translator.
  372. I will start with a brief history of the district and then focus on life in the first half of the 20th century.
  373. I will be in my office every day from 10 to 12.
  374. Sports is the main cause of traumatic brain injuries in the United States.
  375. She is an expert in 18th century French literature.
  376. The residence hall is closed prior to the academic building at the end of the semester.

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In conclusion, our predictions for the Latest PTE Repeat Sentence June 2023 aim to offer a direction for your PTE preparation.

While these are educated guesses, they should not replace your comprehensive study plan. Remember to practice regularly and stay updated with the latest PTE materials for the best outcomes.

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