Latest PTE Answer Short Question June 2023

Welcome to our anticipatory guide for the “Latest PTE Answer Short Question June 2023″.

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a globally accepted English proficiency test, and a vital part of this test is the ‘Answer Short Question’ section. This component assesses a candidate’s understanding and ability to respond concisely to a question. Given the test’s dynamic nature, staying ahead of potential changes can be invaluable.

This article aims to predict the trends for the upcoming June 2023 exam, focusing on the ‘Answer Short Question’ section.


Latest PTE Answer Short Question 2023

Question 1. A part that powers a car, ship, or aircraft is commonly called?
Answer: Engine

Question 2. What is the hair above your eye called?
Answer: Eyebrow / Eyebrows

Question 3. What is the term used for a person who previously occupied the same office or held the same position as yours?
Answer: Predecessor

Question 4. A phase in a trial in which both parties interrogate each other is called?
Answer: Cross-examination

Question 5. Name a musical instrument that has six strings?
Answer: Guitar

Question 6. What is the dark shape or area one’s body makes on the ground in the sun?
Answer: Shadow

Question 7. What is the breathing apparatus used by divers known as?
Answer: Scuba / Aqualung

Question 8. How should we conserve non-renewable energy?
Answer: Recycle / Reduce / Reuse

Question 9. If a driver drives the car, what does a pilot do to the plane?
Answer: Fly / Flies

Question 10. If a fragile item is not handled carefully, it will get – mended or damaged?
Answer: Damaged


Question 11. Where does a pilot sit in an aeroplane?
Answer: Cockpit

Question 12. What is a statement presented by a defendant or prisoner stating guilt or innocence in response to a charge called?
Answer: Plea

Question 13. What is a straight line from the center of a circle called?
Answer: Radius

Question 14. What is the place where a suspect is convicted of a crime?
Answer: Court

Question 15. What geometric shape are circumference, diameter, and radius related to?
Answer: Circle

Question 16. A person who trains a team in a particular sport is called?
Answer: Coach

Question 17. A group of people who sing together is known as?
Answer: Choir

Question 18. What is the closest synonym of the word ‘destiny’?
Answer: Fate

Question 19. A machine that provides drinking water in an office is called?
Answer: Water Dispenser / Water Cooler

Question 20. What happens to a balloon if you over-inflate it or inflate it beyond its capacity?
Answer: Burst


Question 21. A private teacher who gives lessons outside school hours is commonly known as?
Answer: Tutor

Question 22. What is the process you do when you are not satisfied with the verdict of your lawsuit?
Answer: Appeal

Question 23. Which industry is connected with the extraction of valuable minerals from the ground?
Answer: Mining

Question 24. Which vehicle is used to carry injured or sick people?
Answer: Ambulance

Question 25. What is it called when you say goodbye to someone?
Answer: Farewell

Question 26. What do we call headaches or other sick feelings after drinking too much alcohol?
Answer: Hangover

Question 27. What is the polygon with 8 sides called?
Answer: Octagon

Question 28. What is a short break between a concert, a movie, or a play called?
Answer: Intermission

Question 29. Which of the two covers the study of the relations between numbers: mathematics or linguistics?
Answer: Mathematics

Question 30. How many years are there in half a decade?
Answer: Five

Question 31. A movie that is played in the afternoon is called?
Answer: Matinee

Question 32. How would you say one-fifth (1/5th) as a percentage?
Answer: Twenty

Question 33. A small handheld light that usually gets its power from batteries is called?
Answer: Torch / Flashlight

Question 34. A statement that is made by someone purposely knowing that it is not true is called?
Answer: Lie / False / Misinformation

Question 35. What is the back portion of a person’s lower leg normally referred to as?
Answer: Calf

Question 36. What is the art and science of making maps and charts?
Answer: Cartography

Question 37. A person who, with technical computer skills accesses others’ computer systems without permission is known as?
Answer: Hacker

Question 38. Which is the world’s largest lake?
Answer: Caspian Sea

Question 39. What is the chemical used to ripen fruits?
Answer: Ethylene gas

Question 40. What is the term used for the industry responsible for the activity of flying aircraft, or of designing, producing, and maintaining them?
Answer: Aviation

Question 41. What is the term used for the process of supplying water to an area of land through pipes or channels so that crops will grow?
Answer: Irrigation

Question 42. What do you call the group of people watching a play or a movie?
Answer: Audience

Question 43. A woman who is getting married or has just got married is called?
Answer: Bride

Question 44. What is the term used to describe a scientific test that is done to discover or prove something?
Answer: Experiment

Question 45. What term is used to define a person who is an expert in a particular field?
Answer: Specialist

Question 46. A person who does not believe in the existence of god is known as?
Answer: Atheist

Question 47. What is the song that we sing or play to make a child fall asleep called?
Answer: Lullaby

Question 48. What is the word used to describe an accident or a disease which causes death?
Answer: Fatal / Deadly / Lethal

Question 49. A person who believes that laws and governments are not necessary is known as?
Answer: Anarchist

Question 50. What does the letter C in ‘CEO’ stand for?
Answer: Chief


Question 51. What is the state of sharing the same opinion called?
Answer: To agree / In agreement

Question 52. Where can you see aquatic animals?
Answer: Water / Aquarium / Ocean / Ponds / Rivers / Lakes

Question 53. What is the period between childhood and adulthood called?
Answer: Adolescence / Puberty

Question 54. What is the term used for an amount that is regularly received by a retiree?
Answer: Pension

Question 55. Medicines that are used to cure headaches are generally known as?
Answer: Pain killer / Painkiller / Pain relief

Question 56. What word can be used to replace the word “answer”?
Answer: Reply / Response

Question 57. A person who supports women’s rights is called?
Answer: Feminist

Question 58. A person who tells lies is called?
Answer: Liar

Question 59. What is a single person known as?
Answer: Bachelor / Single #5001393

Question 60. What is a flying machine called?
Answer: Aircraft

Question 61. What is the term used for the collection and study of stamps?
Answer: Philately

Question 62. A kitchen tool or a device with a rough surface on which food can be rubbed to turn into small pieces is called?
Answer: Grater

Question 63. A large cage in which birds are kept is known as?
Answer: Aviary

Question 64. A person who makes or repairs shoes is called?
Answer: Cobbler / Shoemaker

Question 65. What is the organ that is located below your eyes & is responsible for the sense of smell?
Answer: Nose

Question 66. A secret plan made by a group to do something unlawful or harmful is called.
Answer: Conspiracy / Plot

Question 67. If you are sick, would you eat a popsicle or medicine?
Answer: Medicine

Question 68. Where would you write your personal experiences: in a diary or in a ledger?
Answer: Diary

Question 69. In a marriage, what is the male partner known as?
Answer: Husband

Question 70. The upper part of a leg is known as?
Answer: Thigh #5001382

Question 71. A person who is looking or searching for a job is called?
Answer: Job seeker / Job hunter / Aspirant / Applicant

Question 72. What is the term used for the bags that contain possessions and people take with them when travelling?
Answer: Luggage / Baggage

Question 73. What do we call the brother of our father or mother?
Answer: Uncle

Question 74. What is the upper structure that covers & protects a building?
Answer: Roof

Question 75. A person who writes biographies of others is called?
Answer: Biographer

Question 76. The various forms of money used by any country is known as?
Answer: Currency

Question 77. Which of the following is not a font style: Bold, Regular, Superscript or Italic?
Answer: Superscript

Question 78. What is the process called when you send a rocket into space?
Answer: Launch / Launching

Question 79. What kind of food do almonds, pistachios and walnuts fall into?
Answer: Nuts

Question 80. The files that are sent in an email are known as?
Answer: Attachment

Question 81. A marine animal that has eight legs is called?
Answer: Octopus

Question 82. What are programmes that run on a computer known as?
Answer: Software

Question 83. What is a brief summary for an academic paper or research article giving the readers an understanding of the article?
Answer: Abstract

Question 84. Who is the person who shares the same room with you?
Answer: Roommate

Question 85. What do you call the southernmost and northernmost parts of the earth?
Answer: Poles

Question 86. Where do marine animals live?
Answer: Sea / Ocean

Question 87. What do you call your cousin’s father?
Answer: Uncle

Question 88. Who is the person who writes a piece of music, especially classical music?
Answer: Composer

Question 89. What is the loud noise that you hear during a storm?
Answer: Thunder

Question 90. What is the term for the money paid every month by your employer?
Answer: Salary

Question 91. What do you need to stick on an envelope before posting it?
Answer: Stamps

Question 92. What do we call a property that someone leaves to others in a will?
Answer: Heritage

Question 93. Where do cars get manufactured?
Answer: Automobile factory / Car manufacturing plant

Question 94. What is uncooked meat or food called?
Answer: Raw

Question 95. What is the round, yellow part in the middle of an egg called?
Answer: Yolk

Question 96. Which part of our body is related to the word optical?
Answer: Eyes

Question 97. Which day comes after Monday?
Answer: Tuesday

Question 98. A place where a person lives permanently is called?
Answer: Home

Question 99. What is a short period of break between the parts of a concert or a play called?
Answer: Intermission

Question 100. What is the term used to specifically describe either a brother or a sister?
Answer: Sibling

Question 101. What includes everything around us such as planets, stars and galaxies?
Answer: The Universe

Question 102. What is the opposite of the word guilty?
Answer: Innocent

Question 103. What subject studies the life and structure of humans, animals, and plants?
Answer: Biology

Question 104. What is the antonym of entrance?
Answer: Exit

Question 105. What is the barrier that can prevent floods from damaging our home?
Answer: Dam

Question 106. What does a meteorologist study?
Answer: Atmosphere / Weather

Question 107. What is the mountain that is filled with melting rocks in hot gases?
Answer: Volcano

Question 108. If a student fails to show up for a class, we can say he or she is?
Answer: Absent

Question 109. Which day of the week comes after Wednesday?
Answer: Thursday

Question 110. What do the letters in “TV” stand for?
Answer: Television

Question 111. What is the political institution of a country?
Answer: Government

Question 112. What do you call a person who leaves university before finishing his or her studies?
Answer: Dropout

Question 113. What does BA in the fields of history and literature stand for?
Answer: Bachelor of Arts

Question 114. A part of a room that is over your head is called?
Answer: Ceiling

Question 115. A card with a picture used for sending a message by post without an envelope is called?
Answer: Postcard

Question 116. What is a person who has a habit of doing a task at the right time called?
Answer: Punctual

Question 117. What is the short piece of writing containing the main ideas of a document?
Answer: Abstract

Question 118. What is the shape in geometry that has three sides?
Answer: Triangle

Question 119. A person who gives evidence or testifies in a court is called?
Answer: Witness

Question 120. What do you call the daughter of your sister or brother?
Answer: Niece

Question 121. What do we call a notice, picture, or film telling people about a product or service?
Answer: Advertisement

Question 122. What is a person who pays rent to the landlord called?
Answer: Tenant / Lessee

Question 123. What do you call the phenomenon when the snow at the top of a snow mountain collapses all at once?
Answer: Avalanche

Question 124. What is the object that we use to open a window or a door?
Answer: Handle

Question 125. A criminal is someone who commits a crime. In this case, who is the other one who gets hurt or injured?
Answer: Victim

Question 126. What are the people living in Switzerland called?
Answer: Swiss

Question 127. What term do we use in business to mean a period of three months?
Answer: Quarter

Question 128. What do you call the money you pay for speeding on the road?
Answer: Fine

Question 129. What is the opposite of maximum?
Answer: Minimum

Question 130. What do we call a person who does a job without being paid?
Answer: Volunteer

Question 131. What is the opposite of white?
Answer: Black

Question 132. What do we call someone who studies languages?
Answer: Linguist

Question 133. How do you call a section or a part of a book?
Answer: Chapter

Question 134. What is the main building of a large company or an organization?
Answer: Headquarters

Question 135. What is the adjective opposite to Rural?
Answer: Urban

Question 136. What is the star that gives heat and light to the Earth?
Answer: Sun

Question 137. What is the electronic device whose function is about the arithmetic of numbers?
Answer: Calculator

Question 138. Soup is frequently eaten with what utensil?
Answer: Spoon

Question 139. Who is the person who buys things in a shop?
Answer: Customer

Question 140. In winter, what activities do people usually do on snow mountains by standing on a long, thin board?
Answer: Skiing

Question 141. If a company requires its employees to wear identical clothes, what is the clothing called?
Answer: Uniform

Question 142. What category do crystals, rubies, and diamonds belong to?
Answer: Gem

Question 143. What is the place where passengers wait for airplanes to take off or land?
Answer: Airport

Question 144. What is the opposite of the word “dangerous”?
Answer: Safe

Question 145. What is a person who uses left hand for most of the activities called?
Answer: Left hander

Question 146. When you mix black and white, what color would you get?
Answer: Grey

Question 147. If you leave a picture or design permanently on your skin with a needle and ink, what is that called?
Answer: Tattoo

Question 148. What is the opposite of the majority?
Answer: Minority

Question 149. What do they call the pieces of puzzles which players try to piece together?
Answer: Jigsaw

Question 150. What is a low area between hills or mountains called?
Answer: Valley

Question 151. What is the second month of the year?
Answer: February

Question 152. What is the term used for the money borrowed from banks?
Answer: Loans

Question 153. If Monday is the first day, what day is the fourth day?
Answer: Thursday

Question 154. What is the study of religion called?
Answer: Theology

Question 155. What are the people who travel to space, called?
Answer: Astronauts

Question 156. What do people usually use to cut food?
Answer: Knife

Question 157. How many years are celebrated in a bicentennial?
Answer: 200

Question 158. What do you call a person who studies the weather?
Answer: Meteorologist

Question 159. Which of the following is not a means of transportation: plane, train, or car model?
Answer: Car model

Question 160. What do you call a person who is guilty in the eyes of law?
Answer: Criminal

Question 161. What is a skeleton made of?
Answer: Bones

Question 162. What is the official survey of a country’s population, especially including demographic details of individuals?
Answer: Census

Question 163. What will ice become when it melts?
Answer: Water

Question 164. The vehicle which runs on rails is called?
Answer: Trains

Question 165. What is the opposite of North?
Answer: South

Question 166. What are the people who study religions?
Answer: Theologian

Question 167. What is added to a drink if you want to cool it down on a hot day?
Answer: Ice

Question 168. What do you call a baby cat?
Answer: Kitten

Question 169. What is the external organ used for hearing?
Answer: Ears

Question 170. What is the opposite of the word “public”, for example, when describing an event? –
Answer: Private

Question 171. What is the boat that carries people from one side of a river to the other?
Answer: Ferry

Question 172. Where in the campus are the periodical collections located?
Answer: Library

Question 173. What do you call people who travel to visit famous sightseeing locations?
Answer: Tourists

Question 174. If you are celebrating a biannual activity, how many years ago did you celebrate it last time?
Answer: Half a year

Question 175. What gas will be formed from the boiling water?
Answer: Vapor

Question 176. If a conference is held annually, how often is it held?
Answer: Once a year

Question 177. What is the line where the sky meets the land?
Answer: Horizon / Skyline

Question 178. What are buses, trains, and cars used for?
Answer: Transportation / Travel

Question 179. What animal is a shepherd responsible for?
Answer: Sheep

Question 180. What do people with claustrophobia fear?
Answer: Confined space

Question 181. What clothing do people wear, such as students or nurses, to show that they belong to the same organization?
Answer: Uniform

Question 182. In what room do scientists usually do experiments?
Answer: Laboratory

Question 183. What books can only be read in the library, but cannot be borrowed out of the library?
Answer: Reserve collection

Question 184. What do we call the legal document that states how people’s property should be allocated after their deaths?
Answer: Will

Question 185. What do you call the diagram which includes a horizontal line called the X-axis and a vertical line called the Y-axis?
Answer: Coordinate system

Question 186. What is the verb describing the process that water becomes ice?
Answer: Freeze

Question 187. What is the horizontal line that separates the globe into two same halves?
Answer: Equator

Question 188. What does a thermometer measure?
Answer: Body temperature

Question 189. Which document does a student get when he completes his study at university?
Answer: Graduation certificate

Question 190. What is the ceremony where two people get married?
Answer: Wedding

Question 191. What are the two holes in your nose that you use to breathe?
Answer: Nostrils

Question 192. If a couple has a pair of children, how many children do they have?
Answer: Two

Question 193. What do you call a difficult time when economic activities slow down, and there are more people unemployed?
Answer: Recession

Question 194. How do you call the siblings who were born at the same time?
Answer: Twins

Question 195. What do you call a notice of death in a newspaper?
Answer: Obituary

Question 196. What is the description of events that are spoken with background music during a film or a play?
Answer: Narration

Question 197. What does a poisonous animal carry?
Answer: Venom

Question 198. What do you call the condition of being unable to sleep?
Answer: Insomnia

Question 199. What device is used to measure the height of mountains?
Answer: Altimeters

Question 200. What is the list that shows the names of actors and actresses in a movie?
Answer: Cast

Question 201. What is the long speech that is spoken by only one actor in a film or play?
Answer: Monologue

Question 202. What postgraduates have that graduates do not?
Answer: Master degree

Question 203. Which part of the hand do we use to pick up objects?
Answer: fingers

Question 204. What is the opposite of “Successor”?
Answer: Predecessor

Question 205. If a magazine is published quarterly, how many times a year is it published?
Answer: Four times a year

Question 206. Apart from coffee and hot chocolate, what beverages also contain caffeine?
Answer: Tea

Question 207. What do forks, spoons, and knives belong to?
Answer: Cutlery

Question 208. What is the occupation that transfers one language to another language?
Answer: Translator

Question 209. What do you throw underwater to keep ships staying on rivers or oceans without drifting away?
Answer: Anchor

Question 210. What is the job title of someone who works at the beach and save people’s lives when they are in danger in the sea?
Answer: Lifesavers

Question 211. Which part of the body do mammals use to feed their next generations?
Answer: Breast

Question 212. Which part of a birds’ body is used for flying?
Answer: Wings

Question 213. Where do people go to watch sports or games?
Answer: Stadium

Question 214. What’s the color of the medal that a champion gets?
Answer: Golden

Question 215. What is the music that is recorded for a movie or a film?
Answer: Soundtrack

Question 216. If you want to read tragedies or comedies, what genre of book do you read?
Answer: Fictions

Question 217. What is the activity of inhalation of tobacco substance that is harmful to our health?
Answer: Smoking

Question 218. What order is a bibliography usually listed in?
Answer: Alphabetical order

Question 219. What do meter and millimeter measure: weight or length?
Answer: Length

Question 220. When something is given in a pair, how many of them are there?
Answer: Two

Question 221. What is the opposite direction to where the Sun rises?
Answer: West

Question 222. What is the device that shows the time of the day according to the shadow of sunlight?
Answer: Sundial

Question 223. Tomorrow’s lecture has been cancelled. If today is Tuesday, then on which day was the lecture cancelled?
Answer: Wednesday

Question 224. What device is used to measure a 200-meter sprint?
Answer: Stopwatch

Question 225. What is the hardest part of your hand?
Answer: Nails

Question 226. Which organ is the blood pumped from?
Answer: Heart

Question 227. When you use Microsoft Word, which category does “Times New Roman” belong to?
Answer: Fonts

Question 228. What is the term used to describe a period of seven days?
Answer: Week

Question 229. How often does February have one extra day?
Answer: Every four years

Question 230. What’s the process of people paying money to governments for public services?
Answer: Taxation

Question 231. If you want to study the human brain and behavior, what should you be?
Answer: Psychologist

Question 232. What is the first paragraph of an essay?
Answer: Introduction

Question 233. What are the people who study history and historical evidence?
Answer: Historian

Question 234. Which shape has four equal sides and four angles, and each angle is a right angle?
Answer: Square

Question 235. What shines at night in the sky and uses its own brightness?
Answer: Star

Question 236. What kind of clothes and shoes do you wear to keep comfortable when hiking?
Answer: Hiking outfit

Question 237. If a car is not stationary, what is it doing?
Answer: Moving

Question 238. Does a scapegoat receive or give a crime?
Answer: Receive

Question 239. What protects birds on the outside of their bodies?
Answer: Feather

Question 240. When you fill in a form, what are the two options for ‘gender’?
Answer: Male & female

Question 241. What do the following belong to roses, daisies, tulips, etc.?
Answer: Flowers

Question 242. Where would you normally see crosswords?
Answer: Newspaper

Question 243. What publication reports current events every day?
Answer: Newspaper

Question 244. What is the heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine?
Answer: Headline

Question 245. What is the short piece of music that comes before a longer piece, and is often used as an introduction?
Answer: Prelude

Question 246. What is the act of students being present at school?
Answer: Attendance

Question 247. Where do people watch plays?
Answer: Theatre

Question 248. What is the collection of commas, period, colon, exclamation marks, and question marks?
Answer: Punctuations

Question 249. What is the magazine that is dedicated to academic news?
Answer: Journal

Question 250. What rises from the east in the morning and sets to the west in the evening every day?
Answer: The Sun

Question 251. What subject involves the study of the Periodic Table?
Answer: Chemistry

Question 252. Where can you normally find the index in a book?
Answer: At the end

Question 253. What movement can babies do before they can sit and walk?
Answer: Crawling

Question 254. A newspaper is published every day, and a journal is published every month. What do you call the publication that is published four times a year?
Answer: Quarterly

Question 255. Who takes care of people who are sick and stay in the hospital?
Answer: Nurse

Question 256. What would you call a doctor who treat sick animals?
Answer: Vet

Question 257. When we say “Dollars, cents, pounds, euro…”, what are these called?
Answer: Currencies

Question 258. What documents would a doctor give to a patient to buy medicines?
Answer: Prescription

Question 259. What kind of educational institution does a 10-year-old child study in?
Answer: Primary school

Question 260. When you have the primary and the secondary, what do you have next?
Answer: Tertiary

Question 261. What do we call a car that uses two types of fuels?
Answer: A hybrid car

Question 262. When a person’s Blood Alcohol Content is higher than the standard range, what activity are they not allowed to do?
Answer: Driving

Question 263. What do guitars, violins and cellos have in common?
Answer: Strings

Question 264. What century are we living in now?
Answer: 21st century

Question 265. If a meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, and today is Tuesday, then will the meeting be held on tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or next week?
Answer: Tomorrow

Question 266. How would you describe the process by which snow becomes water?
Answer: Melting

Question 267. How many wheels does a tricycle have?
Answer: Three

Question 268. What does the chemical symbol H2O stand for in chemistry?
Answer: Water

Question 269. Which part at the end of the book can be used for further reading? An index or a bibliography?
Answer: Bibliography

Question 270. If you have a toothache, who would you go to?
Answer: Dentist

Question 271. How many years does a centennial celebrate?
Answer: 100 years

Question 272. Which animal has white ivory and long trunk?
Answer: Elephant

Question 273. What is one half of 100%?
Answer: 50%

Question 274. What does a Sundial measure according to the shadow in the sunlight?
Answer: Time

Question 275. What does ASAP mean?
Answer: As soon as possible

Question 276. Who is the person who works in a hospital and can-do operations?
Answer: Surgeon

Question 277. What do we call a person who performs operations? Physician or Surgeon?
Answer: Surgeon

Question 278. What do you call a piece of equipment we use to look at stars?
Answer: Telescope

Question 279. In the sentence: “He has been quite upset since he went back to school.”, which word uses a past tense?
Answer: Went

Question 280. What is the last paragraph of an essay?
Answer: Conclusion

Question 281. What’s the force that pushes everything to the earth?
Answer: Gravity

Question 282. If someone has a couple of kids, how many kids does he have?
Answer: Two

Question 283. A famous canal links the Mediterrane Sea with the Indian Ocean, is it the Curran or Suez Canal?
Answer: The Suez Canal

Question 284. Despite all the advances and qualities of sexes, would more men or women play professional football?
Answer: More Men

Question 285. How many days are in a leap year?
Answer: 366

Question 286. How many years are there in a century?
Answer: 100 years

Question 287. How many years are there in a decade?
Answer: 10 years

Question 288. How many years does it take to finish an undergraduate study?
Answer: 4 years / 3 years

Question 289. If a figure is hexagon, how many sides does a it has?
Answer: Six

Question 290. If someone lives in an urban area, where do they live?
Answer: City/Town

Question 291. In which direction does the Sun rise from?
Answer: East

Question 292. Some calendars begin the week on Sunday, what is the other day which commonly starts a week?
Answer: Monday

Question 293. Tones, kilograms, and stones measure what property?
Answer: Weight

Question 294. What crime has someone stealing items from a shop committed: shop fitting or shoplifting?
Answer: Shoplifting / Shop lifting

Question 295. What do we call a book that contains lots of words with their meanings?
Answer: Dictionary

Question 296. What do you call a period of ten years?
Answer: A decade

Question 297. What do we call it when the moon completely blocks out the light from the Sun?
Answer: A solar eclipse

Question 298. What do we call the organs in our chest that we use to breathe?
Answer: Lungs

Question 299. What do we call the piece of paper that proves you have bought an item?
Answer: A receipt

Question 300. What do we call the study of living things?
Answer: Biology

Question 301. What do you call the alphabetical list, at the end of the textbook that tells you where to find specific information?
Answer: Index

Question 302. What do you call the very long essay that students have to write for a doctoral degree?
Answer: Thesis/Dissertation

Question 303. What do you need to see things which are far away?
Answer: Binoculars

Question 304. What is three quarters of 100%?
Answer: 75%

Question 305. What is the antonym of vertical?
Answer: Horizontal

Question 306. What is more fuel efficient, a car or a truck?
Answer: A car

Question 307. What device do you use to type when you use a computer?
Answer: Keyboard

Question 308. Where in the universe do we get solar energy?
Answer: Sun

Question 309. What is the study of the stars and planets called?
Answer: Astronomy

Question 310. What is a word for a period of 100 years?
Answer: Century

Question 311. What object would you use to climb up to the roof of a house?
Answer: Ladder

Question 312. What identification document does most people need to carry when they travel between countries?
Answer: A passport

Question 313. What word is used to describe frozen water?
Answer: Ice

Question 314. When the writer of a book is unknown, what word is used for the author?
Answer: Anonymous

Question 315. Where would you expect to find equipment like a microscope, bunsen burner, beaker, and petri dish?
Answer: Laboratory

Question 316. Which department in the hospital would you go for an X‐ray, radiology, or cardiology?
Answer: Radiology

Question 317. Which instrument is used to measure variations in temperature?
Answer: Thermometer

Question 318. Which symbol is used to complete a sentence?
Answer: Fullstop

Question 319. Whose job is to treat people that are ill or have an injury at a hospital?
Answer: Doctor

Question 320. What kind of book is written by a person about their own life?
Answer: Autobiography

Question 321. Who is a person that makes bread, cakes and pastries?
Answer: Baker

Question 322. What’s the name of the building where you can borrow books?
Answer: Library

Question 323. What general part of the day is known as dawn?
Answer: Sunrise

Question 324. What do we call a period of thousand years?
Answer: Millennium

Question 325. Which is the longest: a decade, a millennium or a century?
Answer: A millennium

Question 326. How many days are there in a week?
Answer: Seven

Question 327. Which is not a way of public transportation: plane, train, or model car?
Answer: Model car

Question 328. Apart from addition, subtraction, and multiplication, what is the other mathematical calculation method?
Answer: Division

Question 329. Where does camel normally appear?
Answer: Desert

Question 330. What natural material is used to make car tires?
Answer: Rubber

Question 331. What do you call the strap that secures a person in a car or an aeroplane?
Answer: Seatbelt

Question 332. When you get lost in a city, what do you need to buy to find out where you are and where to go?
Answer: Map

Question 333. If one’s response is simultaneous, is it quick or slow?
Answer: Quick

Question 334. What can we call a document protecting peoples work?
Answer: Copyright

Question 335. What do we call a doctor who can sell prescribed medicines?
Answer: Chemist/Pharmacist

Question 336. How many days added in February during a leap year?
Answer: One day

Question 337. How would you call people who study ancient bones, rocks and plants?
Answer: Archaeologist

Question 338. If there are 8 black balls and 1 white ball, and I randomly pick one, which color is most likely to be picked?
Answer: Black

Question 339. What is the job title for someone who makes meals in a restaurant?
Answer: Chef

Question 340. What do you call a list in front of a book which outlines the structure of a book?
Answer: Table of Contents

Question 341. What is the big musical instrument that has 88 black and white keys?
Answer: Piano

Question 342. What is the joint between your shoulder and your forearm?
Answer: Elbow

Question 343. What is the opposite to “predecessor”?
Answer: Successor

Question 344. What are the strings on shoes called?
Answer: Shoelace

Question 345. What is the thing you touch when you play guitar?
Answer: Strings

Question 346. Which kind of sense are you using via your ears?
Answer: Hearing

Question 347. What’s the area for colleges and universities called?
Answer: Campus

Question 348. Which kind of mountains can erupt?
Answer: Volcano

Question 349. In the word ‘postgraduate’, what does ‘post’ mean?
Answer: After

Question 350. What is the opposite of ‘positive’?
Answer: Negative

Question 351. What do we call the thread in the center of the candle?
Answer: Wick

Question 352. What natural resource is used by a carpenter?
Answer: Wood

Question 353. Into how many hemispheres does the equator split the earth into?
Answer: Two

Question 354. What is the adjective to describe the creatures that no longer exist?
Answer: Extinct

Question 355. When your bone is injured and broken, what would you say you have?
Answer: Fracture

Question 356. What do you call a person who works in a company?
Answer: An Employee

Question 357. What do we call a festival which is held every four years gathering people together as a sporting event?
Answer: Olympics

Question 358. When it’s raining, what object would you raise over your head?
Answer: Umbrella

Question 359. What is the antonym of ‘artificial’?
Answer: Natural

Question 360. Why are bees so important to agriculture?
Answer: For pollination

Question 361. What do we call the person who can speak two languages?
Answer: Bilingual

Question 362. What kind of dictionary provides synonyms, antonyms and related words?
Answer: Thesaurus

Question 363. What is the substance in tobacco who’s constant inhalation can be dangerous and addictive?
Answer: Nicotine

Question 364. In what section of a library can you use the books and materials as references but cannot borrow them out of the library?
Answer: Reserve collection

In conclusion, our projections for the “Latest PTE Answer Short Question June 2023” are meant to serve as an additional tool in your PTE preparation journey.

These predictions, whilst educated guesses, should not be the sole basis of your preparation. Regular practice, keeping up-to-date with the latest PTE materials, and a deep understanding of the English language are the keys to success.

As you continue your preparation, use these predictions to guide your study, but remember to cover all aspects of the test.

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