fast food is becoming more cheaper and more available

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In most countries, fast food is becoming more cheaper and more available. Do you think the disadvantages of this situation outweigh the advantages?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Fast Food
Type : Advantages or Disadvantages

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In this modern era, junk food is easily available all around the globe. It is readily accessible because of its lower/ reasonable price. It becomes popular with youngsters. Undoubtedly it has positive effects on the food industry, but its downside can not be ignored. So, this essay sheds light on the pros and cons of this situation in the upcoming paragraph/ before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

To begin with, the advantages of fast food. It is a convenience and time- saving, it is accepted the fact that nowadays people are busy in their job/ work/ business, so they don t have much time to enjoy their meal or can say they do not have time to prepare some traditional food for themselves and family, so they prefer to eat junk food. A second benefit is, people can buy fast food at any time. The internet makes it so easy that people can order food through ‘online websites at any time when they want. Another reason for eating fast food is that the government charges significantly less tax on food, which maintains its prices.
Moreover, it is open to various job opportunities. For example, nowadays, people order online applications that increase more jobs in the technical field, such as web designers, which design website correctly, and show more options to people that allure more customs. The second job is in the delivery field. If people order online, so the company definitely requires some delivery person. So, in that way, the popularity of junk food is suitable not only for food companies but also for unemployed people.

Furthermore, despite a few positive aspects, there are several drawbacks. However, fast food is very affordable and available everywhere at any time, but it affects health. For example, within a few years, there has been a shocking rise in the number of people suffering from obesity, heart diseases and other health problems. Fast food does not contain necessary vitamins, protein and nutrients, which are essential for health. In addition to this, there is no guarantee that fast food is cooked carefully and adequately or not, so it is not safe to consume junk food. Last but not least, it demolishes the culture and customs of societies because the number of people who are eating fast food is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is observed in developed countries where people are more interested in fast food rather than traditional cooking.

To sum up, even though street food is affordable and readily available, making life comfortable, it puts people’s health at risk. So, according to my perception, the disadvantages of this trend outweigh the advantages.

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