Some people think that public health of a country can be improved if the government make laws regarding nutritious food

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Some people think that public health of a country can be improved if the government make laws regarding nutritious food but others think that it is the matter of personal choice and personal responsibility.
Discuss both views and give your opinion

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Topic : Food and law
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As a result of escalating pollution and enormous population, healthy meals is a great concern for many. While the health budget for the government is increasing annually, the general public health state, on the contrary, is threatening. Some opine that the government needs to pass legislation concerning food intake to improve public health. In contrast, others oppose this notion as they consider that it is a matter of individual option.

To begin with, a healthful lifestyle is a choice and habit of an individual. No matter how many laws are passed and how strictly the government tracks the food-grade, if somebody does not follow the healthy lifestyle and eating addiction, he will surely suffer from health-related issues. Thus the choices of people greatly impact the overall health state of a country. To lead a wholesome life, citizens don’t require expensive meals, gym facilities, expert dieticians and so on. As an example, the wealthy population of a state suffers from obesity, diabetics and lots of other diseases that are not as common one of the middle-class individuals. This demonstrates that purchasing ability and budget aren’t the most important aspect of a healthy life.

On the other side, the use of chemicals, additives and additives in food items should be completely banned, and the government can ensure that. Even following appropriate diet and exercise, even if people are made to consume foods that have sudden chemicals, they’d suffer from harmful diseases. Utilizing unauthorized substances, selling expired, and low-fat meals should be forbidden. Infrequent market monitoring and the absence of quality control for food things are two reasons our marketplace is full of unhygienic food items. The government’s initiative could greatly lessen this abrupt corruption and crime in the food business and market.

In conclusion, the citizens of a nation need to practise a healthy lifestyle while the authorities should ensure hygiene in food manufacturing and food markets. Both of their joint efforts and initiatives can greatly boost public health.

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