Describe A Musical Instrument That You Learnt/Play

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a musical instrument that you learnt/play.

You should say:

Name of the instrument?
How it works?
How you learnt it?
And why it is your favourite?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer:

Well, music is something that touches the soul of every human, and it is not uncommon to see people expressing themselves through music and learning to play musical instruments.

Name of the instrument?
I will definitely take the opportunity to talk about my favourite musical instrument, which is the harmonium, and it is I actually the one that I can play as well. I vividly remember that when I was at school, I learned to play this musical instrument.

How it works?
Actually, my school used to organise music classes, and I attended music classes where I got the opportunity to learn harmonium from my music trainer.

It is actually a device that looks very much like a wooden box, and there are dozen of keys in white and black. It actually operates with the movement of air.

As we press the button, it produces different sounds, and with those different sounds, we can create Melodies.

How you learnt it?
I must say that harmonium is one of the easiest instruments to learn as it took me hardly a month to learn it. In fact, my music teacher, Mr. Singh, chose me to play this instrument in the morning assembly during prayer time, which was an honour for me.

Not only at school, I also started singing hymns at religion places, especially Gurudwara, because the harmonium is one of the most traditional instrument used while singing the hymns.

And why it is your favourite?
Well, on my fourteenth birthday, my father gifted me a brand new Harmonium that I am still keeping, and I often play it whenever I have some free time.

I must say that this instrument really helps me to relax my mind because whenever I am upset and stressed, I play it continuously for hours to release my emotions.

I highly recommend every youngster to develop an interest in playing and learning to play a musical instrument as it really helps in releasing emotion and developing interest towards music.

Overall, the harmonium is one device or an instrument that I learnt when I was a child.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a musical instrument that you learnt/play”.

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