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You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Development
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1: [Agree]

Since the advent of industrialization, cultural landscapes of several developed and developing countries have changed remarkably and several western nations these days have more heterogeneous population than ever before. It is often cited that this type of nationalities creates a state more attractive and contributes to expeditious advancements. I agree with this view, and this will be shown within this informative article by analyzing the copiousness of the civilization caused by various nationalities and how a country can utilize distinct strengths of individuals from different races and nationalities.

To start with, the more varied the nationalities at a country, the wealthier its culture becomes. For instance, individuals over a hundred nationalities live in Dubai, and this leads to access to hundreds of distinct cuisines throughout the nation. Because of this, Dubai is called the’food funding’ of the Middle East. This, in turn, brings tourists from all around the world who come to research this abundance in society in Dubai. Therefore, the contribution of having an amalgam of diverse kinds of individuals makes the culture of a nation more interesting.

Anyway, many researchers agree that people from other nations have different weaknesses and strengths. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have harnessed these strengths of individuals from other races to become global leaders. As a result, the advantages of having a combination of citizens in a country’s workforce are apparent.

To conclude, having a combination of nationalities leads enrichment of cultures and faster advancement of a nation. It is expected that more countries will gain from this phenomena in the future.

Model Answer 2: [Disagree]

Multi-cultural societies are believed to be attractive to international tourists because of their diversified cultural facets and frequently regarded to have a substantial market which develops quicker. However, so far as I am concerned, a combination of nationalities in several countries remains debatable.

Ironically a culturally and ethnically diverse nation brings tourists from all around the world since the amalgamation of distinct cultures and their heritage, lifestyle and food give birth into a truly cosmopolitan culture. As a consequence of tourism growth, the neighbourhood market develops to a certain degree.

Nevertheless, countries which have people from various nationalities and cultures frequently undergo social problems that lead to political and civil unrest and hatred for one another. People from other backgrounds see item differently and have their view towards worth. Otherwise dealt with a proper way, it might cause cultural conflicts. Worse, in a few nations, it divides nation as taxpayers begin owning discriminatory attitudes towards minors. In case this kind of situation prevails, the nation will likely shed global tourists that may be the primary driving power for their economic increase.

Also, the heterogeneous people in a nation bring their civilization, and so the nation loses its tradition and century-long heritage from the procedure. Because of this, the nation cannot emphasize itself as a distinctive cultural landscape. For example, many big cities on earth nowadays seem nearly the same and do not have any identifying cultural identity.

In conclusion, multi-cultural societies tend to create many societal difficulties and the authorities must give priority to fixing such problems anytime they emerge, so it does not result in social unrest and ambivalence scenarios.

Sample Answer 3: [Agree]

International migration of individuals started with the slumping industrialization and on account of the significant worldwide wars. Because of this, many developed countries go through the amalgamation of distinct cultures and customs. It has frequently contended that this type of nationalities and cultures create the nation more attractive and assist the country progress quicker. I completely agree with this view.

To start with, in a state with cross-cultural ethics, public locations, amenities and tourists places were created considering all people, including expatriates: shopping malls, amusement centres, beaches. Public areas become more attractive and usable. The towns become international towns and keep the mark of really diverse cultures and customs. As an instance, in many countries, many nationalities dwell jointly and carrying this in your mind, a global village was fashioned to them.

Along with the cosmopolitan societies are far better for the total progress of a nation. That is perhaps why countries like the USA, Australia and Canada, that are mostly multi-cultural societies, like greater prosperity, stability and stability. The trade between inhabitants and immigrants would accelerate the money circulations and boost the requirement for consumptions – 2 critical components of financial improvement. Thus a nation with distinct cultural groups and a varied culture appreciate faster advancement and cultural abundance.

In summary, counties using different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities are considerably more fascinating. It is incontrovertible that cultural diversity from a state ought to be regarded as a welcoming tendency for the beauty and the quick pace development of a country.

Tips & Idea Generation for this Essay:

Advantages of having a mixture of nationalities for a country:

1. The more diverse the nationalities in a country, the richer its culture and traditions become.

2. People from different backgrounds have different things to offer in terms of ideas, experiences and expertise. Thus a country with diverse nationalities develops faster.

3. Multi-ethnic societies offer a wealthy pool of ideas and lifestyles, which lead to innovations.

4. Cosmopolitan cities build facilities and infrastructures keeping different nationalities in mind and thus become favourite destinations for international tourists.

5. Citizens in such a country foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

6. Members of a racially and ethnically diverse society are better prepared to deal with global trades.

7. In such a society, people get to choose the best aspects of various cultural attitudes instead of having no choice but to embrace the traditional attitudes of their own culture.

8. Generations in such a country become biologically well-suited to face challenges and living in more adverse conditions.

Drawbacks of having a mixture of nationalities for a country:

1. Different opinions about the same issue and varying outlooks to life. This may lead to social unrest and injustice.

 2. May lead to ethnic conflicts and civil unrest.

 3. The country may lose its unique cultural identity altogether.

 4. People possess discriminatory views about the minority group, which generate hatred and anger.

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