The cost of international travel is decreasing and tourism is increasing in many countries

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The cost of international travel is decreasing and tourism is increasing in many countries.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rising trend of tourism for countries?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Topic : Tourism
Type : Advantages and disadvantages

Model Answer 1:

This is a genuine fact to look at that in today world has turned into a global village, and people have chances to travel throughout the world due to decreasing the cost of international travel. Considering this, some analysts consider that the rising tendency of tourism has to be implemented in the potential nations. However, there are some pros and cons associated with increasing tourism on the planet.

There are some important advantages to the growing trend of tourism. First of all, economic prosperity might be a substantial benefit to consider. It is generally seen that a few decades ago only developed nations and wealthy people had the chance to travel globally; however, on account of the decrease in the cost of aviation majority of lower and middle courses nowadays can travel all over the world or within their own countries for different purposes. As a result, many developing nations can emphasise their schooling and earn from overseas tourists, which could be higher than in the past. It could be shown by a recent poll in Sri Lanka that has more than 60 percent of the total income received from tourism. Moreover, mitigating unemployment rates may be an additional virtue of tourism since it offers an excellent opportunity for new jobs.

Despite the advantages discussed previously regarding climbing tourism, there are a few negative effects which cannot be ignored with no careful thought. Endangering civilization, tradition could be done from foreign tourists’ presence, which could be a destructive fact. Environmental damages and combined cultural influences are hard to tackle when tourism in a nation flourishes.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, rising global travel has immense benefits to society; however, there are a numbernumerous drawbacks that should be handled correctly.

Model Answer 2:

The price of traveling abroad has become cheaper nowadays and has boosted the tourism sector in many countries. The tourism industry’s growth has its benefits and drawbacks,, and the subsequent essay will discuss them in detail.

For any number of reasons, the development of the tourism sector brings many benefits to many nations. Firstly, it produces many job opportunities for regional people. While many hotels and restaurants are based across the tourist attraction areas, they consume many local employments and decrease the unemployment rate. Second, growth will also raise the nation’s income. As the number of tourists from the international increase, they spend some money on restaurants and resorts, and these transactions are subjected to taxation.

On the other hand, the growth of this industry also brings several negative effects to the country. As more tourists are coming to the nation, more tourist attraction places are then built. A number of these places are made on natural conservation areas, whereas some wild creatures would lose their normal habitat and bring negative effects to the ecosystem. And some vacationers also bring negative behaviors that influence the local culture. For instance, in certain Asian nations, people may not drink alcoholic beverages. However, as many westerners come to these countries and bring some liquor, many of the regional people are introduced to the beverage and began to drink alcohol.

To summarize, the growing tendency of the tourism business has great benefits for many nations. However, it ought to be noted that it also attracts some negative effects to those nations. I feel it is the government’s task to make some clear regulations for the tourism businesses; therefore, all of the industry’s positive sides outweighed the downsides.

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