Some people believe that a gap year between school and university is a good idea

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Some people believe that a gap year between school and university is a good idea, while others disagree strongly. Consider both sides of this debate and present your own opinion

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Education
Type : Opinion

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There are arguments that pupils that graduated from high school needs to have a year break before enrolling in school or university as it will give them a few chances and advantages. But, other individuals think that students must have constant instruction. It seems reasonable to argue that a year break between secondary and tertiary education is not a proper perspective.

Primarily, it is often said that when a student decided to give himself a one year vacation before following the higher instruction, he or she might have the ability to gain work experiences. The student can use the adventures once they apply as a professional employee in a specific institution. This is because most companies often seek workers who have numerous job credentials and experiences. Linked to this is that each high school graduate student has encountered the pressure of analyzing difficult subjects like geometry and physics. Therefore, an annual break will give the student a chance to indulge in their desired activities. Understandably, the program in some high schools consumes most of the students’ time, which might have been spent on comfort or hobbies.

Besides, the year gap could be used to travel extensively, which would be an excellent opportunity to gather firsthand experience about the different cultures and states. The experience gathered from job and travel often lets them excel in their academic studies when they start their college years.

However, it cannot be denied that students might find it difficult to adjust to the lessons and subjects discussed at the primary level in college. One major reason for this is that the pupils may forget the knowledge they have learned throughout their high school days. Along with this, the students could be tempted to abandon their research because they might think that the salaries in their temporary jobs are enough to enhance their financial requirements. For instance, some pupils in the Philippines are attracted by the higher salaries offered in non-skilled occupations, making them forfeit their education.

In conclusion, I’m convinced that a year break should not be invited to every high school graduate pupil on account of the simple fact that it might ruin the student’s education. It is quite probable that all students will procure improved jobs which provide a higher salary if they finish their education.

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