Today the world has many urgent problems and solving them is possible by nations’ cooperation

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Today the world has many urgent problems and solving them is possible by nations’ cooperation.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Global Problems
Type : Opinion

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Globalisation, the buzzword of this contemporary age, has tremendously negative and positive effects on the world today. Many folks state that the planet has many pressing problems to be considered. Nevertheless, another group asserts that these issues can be solved readily through the alliance of different states. The article’s focus would be to scrutinise the issues and solutions by economic and societal views and rule from the author’s view.

From the financial perspective, half of the planet is facing a significant fiscal crisis. Financial balance around the planet might only be possible with the assistance of developed nations. Underdeveloped nations often export their natural sources in the lowest rate for expensive technical goods and so fall into debt. Such monetary burden can be lessened by taking natural source in the fantastic speed by developed countries.

Second, once the issues are taken in societal viewpoints, it is enormous in quantity. Among the principal issues is corruption and crime. The more incredible speed of the has turned the ground into a wicked world. To be exact, the rise in population has influenced the funds inversely proportional, thus unemployment; poverty additional has adhered that the underdeveloped world.

The environmental problems are international, and regardless of which nations contribute more to pollute the Earth, all states would face the outcome. Hence an international bonding and collaboration to fix such urgent problems are required. The developed nations, in addition to the developing and underdeveloped nations, can work together to decrease the environmental and air pollution of Earth. However, some people today assert that benefit from various area of the planet cannot address these sorts of pressing issues from the origin itself but merely through the collective control of every nation can result in the changes directly in the necessary degree or base. Though helping hand supplied by the countries might help resolve the issues, it requires some time to get a surprising change collaboration from nations will operate out in time.

In conclusion, solving issues is almost always fast and thriving in a group than in-person; consequently, nations cooperate to resolve the pressing problems; the authorities of a state should also have a part in solving the problems that can raise the potency preventing foreign issues.

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