The widespread use of Internet has brought many problems

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

The widespread use of Internet has brought many problems.
What do you think are the main problems associated with the use of Internet?
What solutions can you suggest?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : The Internet
Type : Double Questions

Model Answer 1:

The world wide web is groundbreaking technology. It has altered how people work, interact with one another, and interchange data, but not without impacts. The negative aspects are primarily linked to the congestion and over-reliance on this technology. This essay discusses this online technology’s main issues, ubiquitous usage of this, with potential solutions.

Firstly, widespread utilization of the world wide web is connected to new and advanced devices such as computers and smartphones, and we replace these devices more often than ever. What is more, social networking, online games, amusing videos, and many more things can be found on the Internet and contribute to many teens’ internet dependence. For example, Laziness is among the most severe impacts of overreliance online, which obstructs people from engaging in social activities. Additionally, individuals are becoming less busy, both physically and socially, and that is mostly as they are utilizing the Web all of the time. Because of this, our health state is deteriorating, and our social life is in peril. Finally, our solitude is hanging at a vulnerable place, and our safety is at a risky condition due to our dependence online.

After exploring the causes of these issues thoroughly, it will be less challenging to offer answers to this issue. Because teens and childhood are more reliant online than the old generation, it is beneficial to provide actions for all those who have the limitation of mobile phones. We ought to purchase new electronics just when this is needed. Also, the usage of the Web in schools and offices must be tracked. The young generation ought to be encouraged to become involved in outdoor and social pursuits. Ultimately, we ought to create our Internet to get more protected and adhere to the usual security protocol that intruders and hackers cannot gain and access our private data such as password or credit card amount.

In summary, even though our society is getting more reliant online, and that could bring some negative consequences for us, we have got the answers to mitigate these issues and revel in the fantastic side the technology provides us.

Model Answer 2:

Many people feel that Internet technology has also caused many social issues, even though many added benefits. The next essay will discuss some significant problems of these Internet usages and some of the answers.

For many reasons, the Internet’s global use has been the root cause of several serious troubles. Firstly, it is a fact that online technology offers various kinds of improper entertainment for its users. Thousands of adult sites are accessible and may be obtained by people from different age groups. Thus, many teens are hooked on obscenity nowadays, which has changed their emotional condition and academic performance. Second, Internet technology has generated a lot of social communication issues between families and family members. With the occurrence of tablets and smartphones, individuals could stay online 24 hours a day since they chat with their friends or play online games inside their apparatus.

To solve the first issue, parents need to monitor their kids’ online activities. They should regularly check their kids’ computers and smartphones and advise them about the severe effect of accessing unsuitable content. Parents could also make safety settings for their residence web setting, whereas some adult websites will be blocked and banned. In terms of the second issue, it truly needs every individual and all the family members’ dedication. As parents need to lead by example, they should give an example by using gadgets for a certain length of time. Another example is that all household members are not permitted to deliver their apparatus during mealtime. Therefore there will be much time for eye-to-eye interaction between relatives.

In conclusion, it is reported that the Internet has attracted some critical problems for several communities. To address the issue, we must be more active and conscious.

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