Speaking part 1 Recycle

The questions in Part 1 are on general topics about your life. Your answers are from your life and experience. There is no right or wrong answer.

Topic: Recycle

1.Do you recycle? Why?
2. Did you recycle when you were a kid?
3. Will you recycle in the future?
4. What kind of things do you recycle?

Q1.Do you recycle? Why?
Yes, I recycle many things because I think it is not only the best way to reduce waste material but good for the environment, especially natural resources, metals and water. So we can say the more we recycle, the more we protect our resources.

Q2. Did you recycle when you were a kid?
Yes, I am recycling things from my childhood. I live in a joint family. My parents were taught us (me, my brother and two cousins) new things and even till now. they teach us new things. They also taught us how to reuse old items. They were organizing a competition every Sunday that was based on recycling old things. We always made new plans to convert the old thing into a new thing. So in that way. I recycled waste material in my childhood.

Q3. Will you recycle in the future?
Yes, definitely I started this process in the past, doing in the present also. and I make sure that I will continue it in future also.

Q4. What kind of things do you recycle?
I recycle old clothes and newspaper. I make some decorative things and mats from them.

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