Speaking part 1 Fishing

The questions in Part 1 are on general topics about your life. Your answers are from your life and experience. There is no right or wrong answer.

Topic : Fishing

1. Do you like fishing?
2. Is fishing a useful hobby?
3. Do you like eating fish?
4. What kinds of fish do you like eating?
5. Why do people go fishing?
6. Why do people like keeping fish as pets?

Q1. Do you like fishing?
Yes, I love fishing. My house is situated near to a small water body where I do fishing. The other reason is I am fond of eating fish because It is very beneficial for health and I always try to make new dishes of fish, that is why I go fishing.
I would not say I like non- vegetarian food, so I am not particularly eager to do fishing.

Q2. Is fishing a useful hobby?
It is an individual’s choice means some people like to do fishing, but some do not like it, especially vegetarian people. Many people eat fish but do not like to do fishing.

Q3. Do you like eating fish?
I am not a big fan of eating fish, but It is a well-known fact that fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is suitable for the brain, especially for eyes. It contains many vitamins and protein, which make the human body healthy, so I eat fish once a week.

Q4. What kinds of fish do you like eating?
Well, I do not have much knowledge about fishes, I eat it because it is a healthy food, so I buy those fish which are available in the market, but I prefer to purchase a fresh one.
No, I am a pure vegetarian, so I do not eat fish, and I do not have any knowledge about it.

Q5. Why do people go fishing?
Fishing gives you the opportunity/chance to form outstanding bonds with family and friends because most people go fishing with their family members and friends. Moreover, it is an excellent hobby to pass free time, and it helps to relieve work-related stress. Some people do fishing to earn some money to fulfil their family needs.

Q6. Why do people like keeping fish as pets?
Generally speaking, it is effortless to feed and care a fish as compared to other pets. Fish are inexpensive because they do require small space and proper environment. Fish do not create any noise. So these are the main reasons people like keeping fish as pets.

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