Some people think that uniform at school is unnecessary and should be banned

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Some people think that uniform at school is unnecessary and should be banned.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Topic : Uniform
Type : Opinion

Model Answer

Uniform is a compulsory constituent of colleges in most nations, and kids are obligated to wear pyjamas during school hours. Some people today argue that children need to have the liberty to dress up according to their preference. However, others claim that uniform at colleges is a sign of unity among students and a means to disregard discrimination. I firmly believe that uniform has societal and ethical significance on kids and should be a compulsory part of the schooling.

There is no doubt that the uniform has substantial impacts on children. It gives them a sense that they belong to the same group of individuals, thus generating stronger bonding with one another. What is more, the uniform eliminates discrimination among students, as both rich and poor students are obligated to dress in the same way. People in public places may easily differentiate the school kids, and this offers some benefits.

However, allowing other dresses than uniform can deteriorate the circumstance. This would lead to severe problems like inferiority complex, shattering confidence, and other social issues that have harmful effects on children’s head. In addition to this, buying new clothes are an extra expense that could be very hard for poor people to match.

To conclude, I would love to say that uniform is an essential part of schooling and should not be neglected at any cost. It gives them the impression that they belong to the same family, which also makes them thrive in their studies and sports. Banning uniform is not a healthy activity and could leave harmful effects on kids attitudes.

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