Some people consider computers to be more of a hindrance than a help

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Some people consider computers to be more of a hindrance than a help. Others believe that they have greatly increased human potential.
How could computers be considered a hindrance? 

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Computers
Type : Advantages and Disadvantages

Model Answer 1:

Computers are extensively used these days both in personal and company needs, including banks, schools, hospital, research labs, retail stores, space stations, personal use and so on. People have different perspectives on the benefits and drawbacks of computers. However, I would like to examine how could computers be considered an impediment followed with a reasonable conclusion.

To start with, using computers all of the time in youth is counteractive because children can lose their creativity such away. Aside from that, the health dangers which overuse of computers triggers cannot be dismissed. Next, hacking is quite common nowadays, and individual’s bank accounts, email, and sites are compromised quite often only to add more misery. Digitalisation and security holes are severe concerns regarding people’s privacy and safety. Besides, some people are addicted to computers and the world wide web, and they are not as interested in outdoor and social pursuits. That is why China frequently arrange boot camp training for internet and computer addicted persons. It is undeniable that computers can be a hindrance for many.

Moreover, the federal security of any country could be jeopardised because of the over-reliance on computers. Finally, with the use of computers and the Internet, interaction with family and friends has become less personal nowadays than it was.

To conclude, I would like to state that every technology has both negative and positive sides. It is dependent upon the individuals whether the usage of computers would be positive or negative.

Model Answer 2:

Many believe that computer technologies have immensely helped the human race to advance, but many others are convinced that it is more drawbacks than benefits. This informative article assesses how could computers be deemed an impediment.

A lot of men and women are hooked on computers and the Internet, and they do not have any social and private life. With no computer, many people believe that they cannot operate or continue their study. For instance, some people who are employed in the blue-collar environment cannot work when the Intenet connection is disrupted. This over-reliance can bring devastating results, especially in sensitive industries. An easy mistake in an atomic energy study centre can destroy millions of lifestyles.

What is more, it is undeniable that the overuse of computers has health hazards. One of those examples is the solar radiation in the monitor, which damages our eyesight. It has been noted that the number of people who wear glasses has increased significantly since the creation of computer technology. Computers have adverse effects on the way people socialise and interact with one another. With the debut of portable computers, tablets and smartphones, folks continue being busy with their own devices. They utilise the web all day in their room and rarely participate in outdoor pursuits. Thus, people’s overall health condition is deteriorating, and also their social relationship is getting fragile.

In conclusion, though some people think that computer technologies have brought many benefits for humanity, others think it has some negative attributes. A few of the reasons for this view are because of people’s overreliance on the technology and adverse effects on our health and social life as well.

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