Some people believe that the good leaders are born

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Some people believe that the good leaders are born, whereas others hold the opinion that the leadership qualities could be obtained during the life. Who represents the good leader qualities indeed?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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However, many men and women assume that a great leader may attain leadership skills due to social interaction. I guess to the next announcement that to be a leader means to be able to understand some needs of the general public and have appropriate conduct and the direction quality is achieved rather than to bear with.

The leadership qualities may trigger emergencies or changes in a neighborhood or a particular place, making it possible for people to step forward and take a few responsibilities. These attributes have been reacting to the societal asks for overcoming some barriers in this location. For example, whenever there is an election in a region, some individuals can register to become a pioneer, but the only method to make sure the actual figure is by giving matters to solve may establish their leadership skills. Therefore, people who gain any input from society might have better attributes than people who have less interaction capability.

What is more, it is thought that the individual in charge should respect one another. It means that they could handle and embrace individuals of various types. At the same time, the chief should treat others equally no matter their background and social status. Treating people alike might appear challenging in terms of social gratification. However, if a boss can solve this matter, they will be known as a real leader.

Some folks are born with leadership quality, as per many people’s opinion. It is not unusual that we have got so many great leaders in our history who just responded to the need of time and stepped forward to help others.

A few leadership qualities could not be achieved as a gift or destiny, yet it takes time and effort. Being favorable to society might become a crucial aspect to reach that goal as this opportunity supplies people to participate deeply.

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