Some people believe that exploring outer space is important

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Some people believe that exploring outer space is important because it expands human knowledge and might lead to discoveries that will benefit humanity in the future. Other people believe that space exploration is a waste of money that could be better spent solving immediate problems here on Earth.
Which point of view do you agree with?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Topic : Outer space
Type : Opinion

Model Answer:

It is a real fact to consider that there has been a great debate on whether to spend a large sum of cash to explore outer space or not. Considering this, some analysts maintain an opinion that spending money for exploring outer space is most important due to human knowledge growth, while others believe it as a money-wasting activity and opine it may be better used to mitigate some urgent matters we have got on the planet. This essay will show the assertion on both sides of the contention before arriving at a fair conclusion.

First and foremost, poverty could be a significant element of why space research should be given less priority. It is usually seen thousands of people everyday starve or absent from quite basic human needs. Many individuals in the world are still struggling to discover foods, clothes, medications, and much more. The sum of money we spend only to reach further from the space or know more is overpowering. So many men and women consider space research as an unnecessary activity while they concentrate on eliminating pressing issues live in. Fatal ailments could be an additional burning problem that requires more research and prevention. So the workforce and money used for space exploration are not justified to many.

Many groups favor spending more cash to research the outer area for human understanding progress, despite views discussed above regarding waste of money that are legitimate reasons for spending cash for exploring outer space. These groups of people believe that space exploration is required for our benefit: to seek out other intelligent species, to understand the universe, to find more funds for individuals, or even to obtain a suitable location on another planet for a person to live. They believe that wars, wars, and corruption are causing more problems and costing more than outer space exploration. They feel that we should comprehend the model of our universe and learn its background for the greater good of a person.

In summary, undoubtedly, spending some of the budgets to explore outer space ought to be permitted; nonetheless, as far as I am concerned, authorities should take more responsibilities to improve nations and ensure fundamental human needs before spending a lot on outer planet research.

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