Research suggests that majority of criminals who were sent to prisons

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Research suggests that majority of criminals who were sent to prisons would commit crimes when set free. What do you think of this case. What target be done to solve this problems?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Crime
Type : Cause and solution

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It is undeniably true that violence is increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. Many organizations conduct surveys which indicate that most of the prisoners commit brutality activity after jail. There are many reasons for this issue, and some effective measures need to be taken to overcome this problem. I would discuss some reasons along with solutions in upcoming paragraphs.

There are many causes of this problem. First and foremost reason is employment. I mean to say it found that most of these people face many difficulties while finding a good job. Employers reject their profile when they see their track records because they think ex-criminal is a negative person which may affect their working environment. So, for that many of these people again enter the world of crime to earn some money for their survival.

Another reason is they are less likely to be accepted by society. Most of the people do not like criminal, so they stop talking that kind of people who is ex-criminal, even people also ignore their family members which create many problems for ex-criminal and their family to live in society. This situation also affects their children future.The next reason is that the spirit of retaliation. To elaborate, many prisoners are imprisoned even if they do not have any mistakes; therefore, these type of criminals want to revenge with their enemies after jail and commit crimes.

However, there is some solution that the government can consider to solve this problem and can provide a better life for these people and their families. Firstly, find some suitable areas where they can easily apply for. Job. It not only made their life but reduce unemployment and crime rate. Secondly, provide some practical training in jail or open some organizations where training should be provided so that if they do not get a job, they can start their work.Another solution is government should motivate society people to help these people rather than ignore them.

In conclusion, some ex-criminals re-offend because of economic and social factors. Still, the government and society can solve or handle this issue by providing some skill and workplaces for these ex-crime persons.

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