Psychologists have known for many years that colour can affect how people feel

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Psychologists have known for many years that colour can affect how people feel. For this reason, attention should be given to colour schemes when decorating places such as offices and hospitals.
How true this statement? How far colours influence people’s health and capacity for work?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Model Answer 1

I believe that a proper color signifies a fantastic will and shows tenderness, and this is why public buildings should have appropriate decoration and color.

To begin with, we are associated with various colors from the very start of our own life. Parents and teachers instruct us on different colors, and scientists believe that a child’s capacity to classify different colors is associated with his caliber and talent. Thus our brains correlate these colors with our feelings and moods. For instance, the red light onto the streets sends an immediate alert to our brain to stop our car while the green color signals us to proceed. Thus we are trained to react and feel otherwise with the institution of colors. From this standpoint, it is crucial to use soothing and accepted colors in schools, hospitals and offices.

Furthermore, we tend to associate colors with different occasions from our private experience. For these reasons, some people today associate crimson with blood, whereas white with peace. Universally blue is the color of nature, and fewer people might whine about it. In any case, people in some nations associate colors with specific moods. For example, more than one-quarter of Americans consider that blue has something to do with comfort and coziness, while red symbolizes violence. On account of colors in human psychology, all renowned beverage and food retailers have their color schemes.

Based on an article printed in the Huffington Post, a blend of slate blue mixed with olive green and soft cream has helped to cultivate a group environment in many businesses. This also states that it has improved the group spirit and productivity of employees.

To conclude, people’s wellbeing often depends upon the psychological condition, and since color has an acute influence on our mood, pleasing color schemes should be utilized in our houses, offices, schools and public areas.

Model Answer 2

Since the start of civilization, color is a large part of individual life. Further research and experiments have been done to locate the effect of colors on people’s psychology, and mood and the findings reveal that people’s feelings can be influenced by color. Hence, public buildings use proper colors for decoration to inspire people to feel much better. I agree that color can impact our psychology, so offices and other public buildings must have proper decorations and color.

Primarily, a general health service ought to be found in a nice place, have a comfortable environment and proper decoration so that people feel better being there. It is essential for the patients who remain there for quite some time or visit for remedies. The top priority must be the more excellent treatment facility and skilled physicians, and then the color scheme and decoration ought to be set in a way so that individuals feel better. Green and white maybe two suitable colors for a hospital. The color of the building and decoration matter and that is why the food and restaurant selling brands have invested a great deal of money to obtain the right color to inspire folks to eat and drink. From my experience, I will say I can wait more time in a room with soothing decoration and color than in a cluttered room with quite a bright color. A particular color can trigger our brain and arouse our feelings unconsciously.

Similarly, color and inside decoration employed in an office building can affect workers’ psychology and mood. Natural and eye-soothing colors are better because of our bodily and mental wellness and directly associated with our anxiety level. Hence using the most appropriate color in offices can also be important. From my personal experience, I will say that I find a bright green, aqua and white color very eye-soothing and that I prefer to remain in a room decorated with these colors. A very bright reddish color would probably provide me a hassle as it is often linked to anger, frustration, and flame. Therefore I believe that colors are directly and indirectly related to people’s work performance, mental state and health.

To conclude, I stand to assert that color has a large effect on individual psychology in many ways. Thus, the colour or decoration of an area should never be selected randomly. Rather a fantastic amount of time ought to be spent to color any construction.

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