Nowadays more and more older people compete with younger people for the same jobs

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Nowadays more and more older people compete with younger people for the same jobs. What can be the reasons for this? What would you suggest as a solution?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Job
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Competition is indeed a significant mindset at a workplace which is more incidence between young and old employees. There are many reasons regarding this problem, and various measures could be taken by authorities to improve this situation.

More significant unemployment proportion along with the incursion of this innovative breakthrough would be the significant causes of increased competition amongst both old and young groups. Since individuals have confronted economic recession from the Earth, the unemployment rate is climbing, they are readier to keep the job they have, and kids compete with their older counterparts to find a fantastic job. At precisely the same time, due to the advanced technology, companies find the young generation more knowledgeable about higher qualifications. On the other hand, the feeling of competitiveness will appear at this stage because older adults believe that traditional and traditional methods are a lot more useful rather than substituted with novel ones.

Providing greater job possibilities and applying both young and old folks to train every other will be the keys to solving this dilemma. Governments must invest in generating job opportunities and employ or maintain the elderly who are experienced and skilled to prepare younger counterparts. Moreover, authorities can offer training classes for elderly employees to boost their technical understanding. As a result, older people may benefit from your younger to learn modern technology use at work.

In conclusion, the rivalry among the young and the elderly employees will likely be handled if both groups help each other to improve their weaknesses and to provide more job opportunities in society.

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