Modern appliances in the home have become more common

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

Modern appliances in the home have become more common, leaving no doubt that advances in technology have improved our lifestyle.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Technology
Type : Opinion Essay

Model Answer 1: (Agreement)

We started living in a cave, as the history implies, and thanks to its novelty and advancement of modern technology, we now reside in a grand flat with several centers that were unthinkable even a century past. From an uncertain lifestyle where our ancestors had to manage constant fears of darkness and lurking predators, we have a remarkably comfortable and advanced way of life, and this has all been possible on account of the invention in engineering.

It is frequently argued by many that modern technology has given us comfort but has cost us dearly. For example, they point out that we have become less busy and more reliant on machines, particularly household appliances. According to them, this can be a backward step, and apparatuses cannot enhance our lifestyle. They do not realize that the blessing of science has eradicated many deadly diseases that had frequently wiped out towns and caused us to be vulnerable like rodents from the water. Advancement in technology is not a one-dimensional right line, it is a spark of light, and without it, we would still be at the mercy of natural calamities. Individuals can blame science for the contamination of food or the advent of fast food; however it might be well worth mentioning that without science, we would have a world war because of the food crisis.

The household appliances such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners have significantly decreased the manual labor of cleaning while rice cookers, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and electric kettles have enhanced how we cook in the home. We no longer have to end our day when the sun sets as electrical bulbs illuminate the world. Thus it might be easy to criticize the innovation and wonder the science has brought to our lives, but living without them is impossible. For instance, imagine what the world would be with no power, refrigerators, TVs, and the world wide web.

To conclude, it is undeniably true that modern household appliances have made our tasks more straightforward, quicker, and more precise. With this, we have a much better lifestyle and more time to spend with our family members to enjoy our leisure activities.

Model Answer 2: (Disagreement: we will have to determine the limit of its usages)

Most homes nowadays have a washing machine, fridge, microwave oven, an air purifier, and those tools have vastly improved how people live their life. Still, the negative impacts of the dependence on these machines cannot be denied.

To start with, these household appliances conserve much time and individual labor, which can be naturally wonderful. People no longer have to operate all day to complete their family works, and consequently, individuals can get more quality occasions. This is unquestionably a fantastic leap to the modernization and also a substantial improvement of the lifestyle. For example, many women in the previous century had to stay occupied in the home, but nowadays, they could spend more leisure time, which has been possible because of modern appliances’ advents.

Modern technology cannot guarantee a better lifestyle with means, and frequently, it disturbs our lifestyle. For example, TV is regarded as a miracle box in many homes. Because of our dependence on TV, we have got very little time to speak with other relatives. This is not the desired condition but an illustration of how machines may negatively influence our lifestyle. Besides, the modern technologies used for preparing food and beverages are not always secure and cannot be compared with all the food and hygiene worth we had to get out of food when they have been accumulated from organic resources and created manually.

Therefore, we could conclude that technology is a boon for us, and at precisely the same time, if we do not use it, it may bring us a curse. That is why we will need to ascertain the limitation of its usages, even in your home, to create our lifestyle regular and safe.

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