Many people say that movies and TV programmes affect us negatively

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Many people say that movies and TV programmes affect us negatively while others say that they are two influential and useful media for us.
How do movies and TV affect us?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Movies and TV programmes
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Model Answer

There has been an enormous development of entertainment websites during the past couple of decades. Media influenced numerous people, and it will become a vital part of their lifetime. Some folks assert that networking is devoting children badly on account of the severe violence used on TV programs and movies. However, others say that it keeps us updated with the most recent news and a source of amusement. I strongly think that media has incontrovertible advantages on individuals’ lives.

Media play an essential role in relieving our tension and tension. Nowadays, people are active in their hectic regular functions; they get less time for recreational pursuits. Films and tv provide sufficient sources of amusement and help us become educated and refreshed, relaxed and lively for our upcoming work. TV also offers news and other educational programs that generate awareness and increase our comprehension.

However, kids are negatively influenced by the aggression and violence exhibited in films and dramas. They have become less patient and much more vulnerable to violence. This has also improved the crime rate in society. For example, people begin fighting over a little dispute that could become a battle on a subsequent stage. Fashion and fashion that kids often follow due to their favorite celebrity or actor tend to be unacceptable in several societies.

In summary, I feel that we ought to use media as an enjoyable activity instead of highlighting its negative attributes. It is also suggested to eliminate violence. Finally, films and TV has more favorable results and needs to be the mandatory portion of everybody’s lives.

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