Maintain and protect the beautiful building of the past

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

It is important that we maintain and protect the beautiful building of the past, even if it is expensive for countries to do so.Do you agree with this statement?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Development
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1 :

Historical buildings are valuable paintings to get a nation and ought to be maintained even when the government should devote hefty amounts because of it. I agree with this view, and my place is summarized in this informative article.

To start with, old and conventional buildings are of architectural significance. Their grand design brings locals and tourists alike and can be very uncommon in contemporary structures. These ancient edifices give us a chance to learn about the magnificent past. By way of instance, the Roman Colosseum at Rome not only reveals how amazing the historical architectures were also points out a vast stadium used as a scene for gladiators’ combating and has room to house approximately 50,000 audiences in tiered seats.

Along with this, historical monuments also function as the tourist magnetism in several nations. In the current world, a lot of men and women plan their holidays on areas of historical significance since they are interested in finding out more about the culture and customs of yesteryear. Many countries are profited with these tourists; consequently, they have flourishing tourism market. For example, countless tourists, such as international tourists see Taj Mahal in India each year. This gives the authorities with a massive gain and employs many vacationers, thereby assisting government fiscally.

In conclusion, I think, it is well worth spending money on historical buildings since they have not only historical significance but also a fiscal kernel for several authorities.

Model Answer 2 :

Buildings have been constructed to accommodate home needs, offices, shopping complex. Now and then, a brand new building has been constructed using better technology and compliments modern cities. In this essay, I will discuss whether old buildings should be safeguarded even if it is expensive for the landlords to maintain them.

There is a growing rivalry among various nations to create the very best in class buildings, together with all of the modern amenities. They are building skyscrapers to showcase their strength and financial excellence. For example, Dubai is constructing a new tower which is going to be the tallest on earth and certainly will have contemporary offices, shopping centres and luxury hotels to mention a few. Nonetheless, in doing this, the authorities should not ignore the significance of buildings of yesteryear.

Old buildings will be the emblem of our heritage and are of great archaeological value to the country. They ought to be guarded in order to retain the historical roots on which the state is constructed. By way of instance, various monuments are covered by the Indian archaeological department as essential buildings and are shielded. Decent government service should be set up to aid in the upkeep of these buildings.

It is undeniable that modern building in today’s world is a necessity for any nation to grow, but the previous buildings should also be given the due importance they deserve. In my opinion, lovely old buildings must be preserved; however, there should be some assistance from the authorities in ensuring their security and upkeep.

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