Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people suggest that people over the age of sixty-five can continue to live full and active lives.
In what ways can society benefit from the contribution that older people can make?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Health
Type : opinion

Model Answer 1

Generally speaking older creation over sixty-five years old may do certain activities and can contribute to a fantastic extent. I’m quite sure that they could participate in some activities not only in the formal selection but also in the informal location. I will outline two ways in which people may benefit from the interest.

Becoming involved with family’s special occasions is one of the methods that the older can contribute. The woman older relatives could share the recipes of traditional meals and the guys could share their opinions and interests in traditional games that they had to play in the past. Thus, the younger relatives will probably be happier because they might feel more complete. The marriage couple could find some tips about how best to build a happy family from them. Gathering with whole family members can boost enjoyment.

Another way is that the elderly can take part in the school. As an example, the faculty can contact local retired people for sharing their experience to students. I’m quite sure the children will be fascinated by the older people’s narrative about the situation in the past. They could give information on the subject of the very important connections between previous live and present moment. On the other hand, kids can ask their parents for their parents, because of households today more mobile, on livelihood days.

Some professions like teaching, study, writing, mentoring requires experience and the elderly people can contribute in these professions. For instance, an old professor may be a great resource for the research department in a college or university.

Simply speaking, the older generation can bring several benefits to society.

Model Answer 2

With the enormous advancement in heath care and medical science, people’s life expectancy has become longer than ever before and it’s believed that older folks can finally have a more active life than they ever had previously. Some people opine that senior folks can still have active and productive lives and the following article will talk about how they could have positive contributions to the society.

Firstly, it is a simple fact that people are currently working longer than previously and government in many countries has been made to increase the retirement age. Due to the most recent healthcare facility and scientific progress for that. What’s more, it is also noticed that instead of becoming a housewife, a lot of women choose to work nowadays. Thus, working parents are leaving their children in a daycare center or to a babysitter. Having active and healthy grandparents will be beneficial for these families, as they can help by looking after their grandchildren. Grandparents take care of the grandchildren and this strengthens the family tie.

Second, healthy and productive senior citizens can make donations to the societies throughout volunteering jobs. It is a simple fact that many public facilities like local libraries need a few people to do volunteering tasks. Many of the senior men and women really like to do these sorts of activities, as they give them a chance to socialise and interact with other people. And then, by having more volunteer workers the working cost will be reduced and the fund may be allocated to other important matters.

Paradoxically, there are many professions in which older and experienced people can contribute far better than young people. For instance, politicians, teachers, scientists, historian, doctors often need time to create their very best output. Thus older people can stay in these kinds of professions and serve the people and country for a long.

In conclusion, it’s true that since the health and medication sectors have developed, people’s life have become more. Most of the retired men and women continue to be in healthy and active conditions. I personally believe that these people can provide positive contributions to societies. They could assist their children by taking care of the grandchildren, and they can do volunteering work in the neighbourhood. Some of them can even serve the nation in various crucial professions.

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