International sporting events contribute greatly to peace

You should spend about 40 minutes on IELTS writing task 2.

Some people say that international sporting events contribute greatly to peace and stability in the world.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Sport
Type : Opinion

Model Answer 1 :

Sports used to be considered a youthful practice in ancient times that was limited only to parks and indoors. While sports today pushed the boundaries and attracted competitors and national and international audiences. Therefore, there is no doubt that sport can unite the world and preserve global peace.

There is no question that sport plays a sterling role in diplomatic relations between different nations at an international level. Not all nations are at peace with each other for historical or political reasons. Sport, of course, evokes the same pleasure and satisfaction as a triumph in battle, but it brings together nations. Also, major sporting events can be more icebreaker as national participants create a common forum for global leaders, organizations, and athletes to connect more easily and sophisticatedly. The Olympic Games in which the entire world can be put together are a good illustration, and this has a positive impact on ensuring global peace.

Sport also evokes strong nationalistic sentiments for the country and provides a platform for the release of patriotic emotions. To show one’s patriotic feelings is a constructive way. Also, international game activities like games from the Commonwealth offer attention to small countries. For example, it is hard to locate the West Indies and Bermuda on the world map, but they are well-known countries just because of their cricket teams that always take part in the World Cup Cricket. Finally, sport is the only practice that sends a strong message of peace and paves the way for world harmony to be established.

Sport activity, to reiterate, is positive energy: Flannel that kills negativity and brings peace Ind joy to the world.

Model Answer 2 :

In ancient times, sports used to be considered a juvenile activity which was only restricted to parks and inside. While sports have pushed the boundaries and have attracted national and global audiences and players. So, there is no denying that sports can unite the planet and preserve global peace and that I agree with this viewpoint.

Undoubtedly, sports at global level play a key role in diplomatic relationships among different nations. Owing to cultural or historical reasons, not all the states are in peace with one another. Admittedly, sports provoke a similar pleasure and gratification for a victory in war does but brings countries together. Moreover, international sports events could be icebreaker as competitors from nations create a common platform for international leaders, organizations, and athletes to successfully socialize with much more convenient and innovative manner. A fantastic illustration is the Olympic games in which the whole world can be brought together, and that has a positive impact on keeping international harmony.

Furthermore, sports arouses high tech passions towards the country, along with supplying a platform for patriotic feelings to be published. It is a constructive way to exhibit one’s patriotic emotions. Even International game incidents like Commonwealth games bring recognition to small nations. For instance, it is tricky to find the West Indies and Bermuda around the world map, but they are well-known nations only due to their cricket groups that regularly participate in the Cricket World Cup. By and large, the game is the only activity which delivers a clear concept of peace and paves the path to creating world stability.

To conclude, sports action is a positive channelling of energy that kills negativity and brings peace and joy to the world.

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