Women should play an equal role as men

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Some people believe that women should play an equal role as men in a country’s police force or military force, such as the army, while others think women are not suitable for these kinds of jobs.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Workforce and gander equality
Type : Discussion

Model Answer 1

An increasing number of women are choosing to work in the police and armed forces nowadays and have shown their mettle in these fields. Some individuals opine that women should be able to work shoulder to shoulder with men in these fields. Others disagree and say that women are not suited for such jobs. This essay intends to analyze both perspectives. I, however, side with the former view.

Nowadays, we are heading towards an egalitarian society in which all should have equal rights. Therefore, women should have the same power as men to choose their profession. People should be selected for jobs based on their skills, qualification, and character. So, if a woman has enough ability to join armed forces, she should be welcome to become a soldier or a police officer. Gender should not come in the way of the selection process.

On the other hand, some people say that women lack physical strength, and therefore, they are not fit to be in the army or police as these jobs require physical strength. I would, however, argue that it would be wrong to say that women are less able than men in specific roles. In fact, women may be better at controlling a situation by communicating more effectively. Police and military jobs require more than just physical strength. Teamwork, leadership, and communication may be just as essential.

It could be argued that effective workouts and muscle training can increase even physical strength. Women who join such jobs do undergo rigorous training and are no less than men when they are on the job. It is also a matter of personal choice. More and more men are now entering fields such as nursing and teaching, which were earlier thought to be a woman’s domain. So, it should come as no surprise if women choose to enter the police and armed forces.

Summing up, women should have the same role as men in police and armed forces. It is the need of the times.

Model Answer 2

Undoubtedly, females play significant roles in controlling crime or protecting against enemies in each country. Even though some individuals believe women cannot become wealthy militants or members of their police force, I think that their functions in these sectors are unquestionably crucial.

On the one hand, some think that females should not be given an equal chance to work in the police force or military. One reason for it is that women have less physical skills than men. Having Estrogen hormones, they are less effective at achieving their goals in such jobs. By way of example, to jump out of a two-storey construction, guys are more powerful than girls physically, and to detain criminals, they are not as capable as men. Frequently, they may be sent to battlefields to fight against drug dealers, smugglers, or perhaps escaped prisoners, but they may not tolerate severe conditions, like facing injured individuals or dreadful accidental scenes. Because of this, men have better potentials not just physically, but emotionally to function as a militant or policeman.

On the other hand, I feel that both sexes must equally be given the same chance to have these sorts of jobs. One factor behind it is that are better critical thinkers. They have shown their functions to defend their country during the war. Had they been not permitted to take part in the military plans, Europe would not have defeated Germany. Indeed, their roles are vital in those societies that men are limited to touch females. Specifically, in Iran, as a prime area, police officers are not allowed to touch the female offenders because of Islamic prohibitions; hence, the government has given the green line to girls to have equal chance to work in this sort of job.

To conclude, even though some might agree that females cannot become an ideal officer or military personnel, I cannot entirely agree with them. From my viewpoint, due to some religious restrictions and specific abilities they have, authorities must give a similar fate to girls working as a police officer.

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