Describe An Important Piece Of News That You Received Via Text Message

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message.

You should say:
Who shared the message with you?
What the news was about?
How was it written?
Explain why the news was important?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1 :

Introduction :
Well, in this contemporary era, cell phones have become our life. I believe most of us receive a plethora of promotional or spam messages now and then, which is no doubt a junk, and we delete them.

However, from time to time, either we do get some fantastic news from our kith and kin or some crucial information via text messages. Nevertheless, I have received numerous worthy texts in my inbox or on my WhatsApp.

What the news was about?
Besides, one significant piece of data, which I received lately was about the cancellation of one of my flights.

Who shared the message with you?
I got my flight ticket booked by a travel agency in my town, from Patiala to Delhi a couple of months ago, to take my IELTS examination. (You can say you took flight or train or bus from anywhere to take either board exam, or to attend any marriage function, or just had to visit any place for official purpose).

I vividly remember that I did all my preparation beforehand and left for the airport. The moment I reached there, out of the blue, I saw a message on my cell from the Indigo airlines that my flight was cancelled due to some technical glitches and bad weather.

How was it written?
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Just then, a similar message popped on my phone from the travel agency as well about the aircraft cancellation. I was then on pins and needles due to exam anxiety, on top of that, that SMS acted as horrifying news.

Explain why the news was important?
I nearly went to pieces, thinking of the consequences of what if I miss my exam as it was vital for my career. I almost lost hope, but then I recollected my self and didn’t give up in that situation.

Immediately I ran to the ticket counter and spoke to the airline representative and explain my situation. Fortunately, her supervisor was listening to our conversation and reassured me that they would rearrange another flight at the earliest.

I waited at the waiting lounge for almost 4-5 hours, but then they arranged another plane for the passengers whose trip was cancelled.

Indeed, I was thankful that they saved my day. Moreover, I was able to sit for my exam. I wouldn’t say that the text message was Important; instead it was staggering and shocking.

Model Answer 2:

Introduction :

  • Mobile telephones have become an essential part of our lives.
  • Although there are many programs that people use on our telephones, calling and texting are both main characteristics have been utilized.

Who shared the message with you?

  • Today I’ll talk about some time where I obtained a bit of good news via a text message.
  • It was from a cousin, Preeti, who lives in Australia.
  • She is five years older than me, but we used to perform a lot in our childhood, and I always looked up for her.
  • At that time, we did not have mobile phones.
  • We used to remain in touch through letters and calls.
  • Later we got cellular phones, and now we talk or video call one another.
  • I had a text message telling me on my phone from Preeti.

What the news was about? and How was it written?

  • It was a short, simple message regarding her obtaining her dream job in one of the best hospitals in Sydney. But I was able to practically feel her excitement while reading it.

Explain why the news was important?

  • I was really happy to read that message because she had been speaking about it for the past six months.
  • I understood all the hard work she’d put in to first complete her education in that area and then get the right job.
  • I promptly called her and congratulated her.
  • She did not want to wake me up, Because of the time difference and had chosen to send me a text message instead.
  • Everybody in the household spoke to her and congratulated her.
  • It was a really special day and that I was happy all day.
  • I remember that text message and this day quite clearly.
  • And she’s happy at her job and is loving it every day.


  • I’m sure she will do great in her career and always wish the best for her.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe an important piece of news that you received via text message”.

1. Why is it that some people today dislike sending text messages?
Some People today dislike sending text messages because they believe it is simpler and quicker to the phone than simply typing a text message and then awaiting a response. Additionally, at times the text possibly misinterpreted and might result in misunderstandings.

2. What’s the information that Cannot be Communicated through text messages?
Information That’s confidential should not be conveyed via text messages. Other than that, in scenarios that need communicating feelings, emotions, or even a deeper significance, just text messages can’t communicate that and need face-to-face interaction.

3. How can folks in India deliver significant info?
Communicated through letters and nowadays, email communication has also become very common to send important details.

4. What do you think about classic paper mails?
I believe the conventional newspaper mails still maintain some worth in the present world of technologies. There are those that aren’t too familiar with technology and favor paper communication. There can also be individuals who don’t have access to technologies, particularly in remote places. In addition, for individual communication, handwritten newspaper letters include an individual touch, convenient, and easier to remain in contact with our loved one’s members and friends, regardless of space. It’s also the preferred mode for much official communication.

5. Do you think It’s still a Fantastic way to Deliver information using conventional mails?
Yes, in certain instances, conventional mails are A fantastic means to provide information. There are several men and women, as an instance, some older individuals who are uncomfortable using technology, who favor that documented communication be transmitted to them in a conventional way.

6. Have our methods to communicate with every Other changed in the past few decades?
Yes, It surely has. Before, the majority of the communication occurred through handwritten or typed paper emails. But now the majority of the communication is digital, through mails, chat programs, telephone calls, movie calls, etc..

7. Which are the gaps between Indian Networking and social websites?
I believe that in the modern planet, the differences between both western and Indian media aren’t a lot. The most important distinction is that Indian websites utilize distinct regional languages to find information around to each of the areas and the countries, which use various languages. The material is also more appropriate to India’s culture. At precisely the exact same time, Indian media also connects us to the planet and provides us exposure and information to the entire Earth, and contains components which are rather like the western press. By way of instance, the arrangement of several shows like Indian Idol, India’s Got Talent, information shows and talks, etc..

8. Messages through societal programs?
The main benefit of sending messages through social websites is that individuals may remain And share news, information, and feelings. Be shared through these programs.

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