Describe The Happiest Day You Had

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe the happiest day you had.

You should say:
Where you were?
Who you were with?
What you did?
And explain why you think it was the happiest day?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1 :

In my perception, emotions are part and parcel of human life, plus happiness or sadness is a state of a mind that is driven by sentiments. Sometimes even the silliest thing could bring cheers to our face depending on how we perceive situations.

Indeed, I had numerous delightful moments in my life when I felt on top of the world. Nevertheless, I Would like to talk about one of the happiest instances, which is pretty close to my heart, I had on the day I cleared my board examination.

I was never an academic student who would always be engrossed in books and studies. Instead, I was easy-going, carefree, and least bothered about my academics, though I still managed to secure good marks academically.

My grasping abilities were a little different from my class-mates, and studying for hours like them was never my cup of tea. However, now I know how significant it is.

Where you were?
I vividly remember, quite a few years ago(or you can say a couple of years ago), I sat for my 10th exams at one of the examination centres in my hometown.

Who you were with?
To some extent, I was content with my preparation. However, I had to wait for my results to see where I stood in terms of ranking as my future was entirely dependent on it. Plus, my parents had a lot of expectations from me.

I was a bundle of nerves for a couple of months due to peer pressure and performance anxiety. No doubt, I started to have blues when the day got closer.

Eventually, the day came when I was on the pins and needles before the announcement of my result. OMG, I can still feel the goosebumps talking about that day.

What you did? and explain why you think it was the happiest day?
I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when I heard that I passed the matric with flying colours. Indeed, the experience I had that day was incredible, and still, I can feel the cheerfulness in my voice while speaking about my achievement.

I was literally over the moon when my parents told me about how proud they are on me. Just then, the tears of joy rolled off my cheeks as this was not only my auspicious day but also for my family.

Conclusion :
I think it is quite right that one should go through pain and anxiety to taste the pursuit of happiness. Otherwise, how would you know when you’re happy?

Model Answer 2:

Introduction :

  • It is very tough for me to believe a specific day, which I’d consider the happiest.
  • Nevertheless, I thought two years ago; something happened that brought me immense joy and happiness.

Where you were?

  • This was the day I brought home my dog, Nora.

Who you were with?

  • I had been with my loved ones, and we all went to a pet store together and obtained her.

What you did?

  • But, before I jump into this day, I want to share a little bit of the desktop.
  • From a really early age, I needed a puppy.
  • But, my parents were rigorously against it.
  • I think their primary concern was that I wasn’t prepared for the massive responsibility.
  • Additionally, we used to live in a very small house, and my father thought dogs need to have appropriate space.
  • But gradually, things began to fall right into place.
  • Three years back, we changed to a bigger home, and as I grew up, I started asserting that I’m more accountable now.
  • However, my dad kept one last condition before we got the puppy.
  • He desired me to wake up at 6 am for a whole month.
  • This is to prove to him that after we get the puppy, I would wake up, feed it, and take it for a morning walk.
  • I remember it was so difficult for me initially, but gradually I did develop this habit.
  • Finally, on the 30th day, as I met the condition- my parents took me into a pet store.
  • There were five small puppies available there, but my eyes have been fixed on cute little Shih Tzu ( dog breed).
  • She was one of the costlier strains and that I thought my dad would object.
  • But he didn’t.
  • That day, I felt like I’d turned into a father/big brother/mother/big sister to the very first time.

And explain why you think it was the happiest day? and Conclusion :

  • I really don’t think any other day can compare to the feelings I went through on this day, so I consider that day to be my happiest.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe the happiest day you had”.

1. Do Indian men and women spend a lot of money on birthday presents?
I really don’t think most people do. I mean that the parents and siblings do buy Costly gifts but not buddies. Birthdays are more about spending time with each other in India.

2. What do Indian people do on New Year?
Well, we Indians are very spiritual, so the day itself starts with seeking blessings from God. At night, there are fresh Year events at unique places, and individuals attend these. A good deal of people goes on vacation for Christmas and New Year due to extended holidays.

3. Do you believe we are happier than people from the 19th century?
Regardless of the conveniences of now, I do not think we are happier. Firstly, there’s so much anxiety today because of the increasing competition. Second, I think that excessive options are making us miserable. We are constantly concerned about making the wrong choice.

4. Why youth is the best time for most folks?
I believe the main reason is the lack of stress and worries in youth. There’s the feeling of security and happiness and feeling that if confront any difficulty, our parents would look after it. As we grow older, there’s a realization that our problems cannot be solved with our parents, and thus it makes us miserable.

5. Do you think money can bring joy in life?
I have thought about this issue a lot. I Believe money does attract happiness, it allows us to purchase the food we crave, wear the clothing we enjoy, go on vacations, buy presents for our loved ones members and friends and much more. But I also believe happiness does not increase the more cash we earn. If this were true, wealthy people would be the speediest, and that is certainly not true.

6. What do you believe is important in bringing joy?
I think you will find so many things and cash is definitely one of them. But aside from cash, I feel it is about pride in our work and the feeling of importance- that I mean the feeling that we matter to our loved ones, our society. I think that is the reason many people decided to work in the military Over other lucrative professions.

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