Talk About An Interesting Conversation

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk About An Interesting Conversation

You should say:

Who was the person?
When and where did you have the conversation?
What was the conversation about?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1

Introduction :

Well, I have come across a myriad of formal and informal conversations in my life. Some of them were quite boring, while others were highly influential.

Who was the person ?

However, one such unusual conversation I would like to talk about today, which not only left an everlasting impression but also was remarkably impactful plus motivating, that even after ages the memories are still fresh in my mind. I consider myself a social butterfly, and I always like to interact with people.

When and where did you have the conversation ?

I vividly remember that when I was in school, my father took me to one of his friend’s house. Apart from being my dad’s co-worker, his friend was also a social activist whose work was to spread awareness about organ donation. Since I was too young at that time to understand the importance of tissue donation and transplantation, I did not pay attention to his talk. When he realized that I was least involved in his talks, he decided to switch the topic and turned on the television for my entertainment. Out of the blue, one advertisement flashed on the TV regarding eye donation by one of the regarding famous Bollywood actresses, which caught my attention.

Gazing at my inquisitiveness, he had a broad smile on his face and decided to explain to me everything in detail. His way of explanation was incredibly fantastic as he described to me in a straightforward way, yet with the relevant examples.

What was the conversation about ?

I vividly remember that I was exceedingly engrossed in our discussion that I forgot that it was getting late for my dad and me to go home. Nevertheless, I bombarded him with back to back questions to have a clear idea of how it works. My father was a little impatient that day, but his friend was as cool as a cucumber and explained to me every little detail. I was thrilled to pieces when I got to know that even after death, a person’s body parts could be beneficial and can give life to others if it is stored properly. However, I was a little disappointed when he showed me the actual percentage of people donating their organs, as it was only approx .0002% of the total population. I was enlightened to know about his noble cause towards humanity and society.

Conclusion :

I believe nothing could be more satisfying or exciting than science which teaches us giving a gratified life to a person in need by donating organs.

Model Answer 2:

Introduction :

  • I believe myself to be a very social person, and I love talking to people.
  • There are particular conversations that I can never forget.

Who was the person ?

  • This particular conversation I am going to talk about now happened about four-five months ago and that too with a stranger.

When and where did you have the conversation ?

  • I was traveling to Chandigarh for an examination.
  • This individual stopped the bus at the next stop.
  • He sat next to me, and we only casually started speaking.

What was the conversation about ?

  • The conversation started with regular day to day things such as the rising traffic and also the sweltering summer heat.
  • After some time, he started telling me about his profession.
  • He was in the merchant navy.
  • So, as soon as he explained about his career, I flooded him with questions.
  • He told me about the issues and also told me about the fun part of being in the merchant navy.
  • Some things were rather intriguing.
  • He told me that he just works about eight months per year.
  • Rest of the four months he spends with his loved ones.
  • He plays cricket, goes on holidays, and does whatever he needs during those four months.

Conclusion :

  • I remember that he was somewhat sad, though, as it had been the final day of the four months that year.
  • Following this dialog, I could think about was merchant navy.
  • Like other childhood fantasies, the trend disappeared very soon.
  • However, this dialog Will always be a part of my thoughts.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow Up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “talk about an interesting conversation”.

1. What is the difference between the conversation between males and females?

Men generally talk about sports, business, politics, whereas women Talk about fashion, family, and children. However, gender differences are disappearing very rapidly. It’s not surprising to observe women discuss politics and guys discuss cooking and fashion.

2. What is the distinction between talking on the phone and face to face conversation?

Face to face conversation allows a person to use sayings and Gestures, which include life to any dialog. It has a personal touch. There is very little space for telling lies. On the other hand, a phone conversation can be very deceptive.

3. Why is it that some people today get anxious when they give a presentation?

Some people are stage-shy. They can’t speak before a gathering. They have glossophobia.

4. Do you think using visual assistance while giving a presentation are essential?

Using visual aids, the demonstration can be interesting and can bind the audience. So, it is very vital to use visual aids while providing a presentation.

5. Why is body language important?

Body language can do what words cannot. It is a non-verbal Communicating. It involves gestures, movements, and expressions to communicate messages. It violates the barrier of unfamiliarity.

6. Can you think humour is important to get a speaker?

Yes, indeed, it is. Humour can lighten any language and arouse the interest of the audience.

7. What type of speaker do you like?

I enjoy a speaker that speaks in a way that can hold my attention. He Should make his address so lively that it makes me want to listen.

8. Is public speaking significant in politics?

Politics is all about public speaking. Nobody can be a good Politician without great oratorical abilities.

9. Are there any disadvantages of face to face conversation?

Yes, sometimes, an individual may feel nervous and may not be able to express Himself well face-to-face. From time to time, if there’s a conflict, then there are opportunities that one individual may get so angry that he may hit the other person. On the whole, there are more advantages to face-to-face dialogue.

10. How can friends communicate with one another?

Friends communicate with each other in several ways. Through the Internet.

11. What is the difference between having a talk with a man and having a conversation with a girl?

There are no gender differences today. Both Women and Men can Talk equally well on any topic they’re considering, be it sports, or Politics, or style.

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