Describe a place where you read and write, apart from your home.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a place where you read and write, apart from your home.

You should say:
What is it ?
Where is it?
Why do you go there to read and write?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1 :

Introduction :

For reading and writing, we certainly need harmony, concentration along with a suitable environment. Well, just like other people, I have also studied at a myriad of places like home, school, library, at a friend’s place and many more.

What is it ? and Where is it?

However, the second such place I am comfortable studying after my home is a botanical garden, which is just around the corner of my house.

I know it might sound unusual and strange, but believe me, I find this area full of positivity, which helps me in focusing on my reading and writing. I strongly reckon that a considerable amount of people favours libraries to study at, as it is one of the quietest places to concentrate on readings. Yet, I prefer this place due to its spectacular natural view and peaceful atmosphere, which helps me to dedicate some quality time to my studies. There is an exciting story behind me exploring this place at the corner of my city. Well, a couple of years, I visited this place along with my family for a day outing. And I found a miniature buddha statue, in a meditation position along with some handcrafted granite table and chairs around it.

Why do you go there to read and write?

It motivated me to sat along with my novel; perhaps, I was least interested in roaming around. I was so engrossed in my book that I couldn’t realize when it got dawn to dusk. I understand that the library offers extensive study materials and journals, along with a calm and quiet atmosphere, which encourages students to read peacefully. However, studying at the library was never my cup of tea. My grasping abilities are a little different from the crowd, and I can’t be too formal by sitting at one place in the library with a pin drop silence, as it haunts me.

Conclusion :

Therefore, I have chosen this garden to either go in the morning or in the evening to read and write. This place boosts my imagination and allows me to think creatively on any topic to write. I have written some poems and articles just sitting right there. I like the positive vibes of this lively and cheerful place, where birds chirp and sound of nature along with water fountain soothes my mind and soul. Moreover, spending a day here studying my books makes my day complete.

Model Answer 2 :


  • There are various places aside in my house where I write and read.
  • One such location is my school, and another is a library.

What is it ?

  • Here, I would like to Discuss the library.
  • The name of this library is Guru Nanak Library.
  • It’s run by an NGO.
  • This NGO also runs a blood bank.
  • The building is circular and has around 10,000 books.
  • The annual membership is Rs 500/-
  • I go there quite frequently.

Where is it?

  • This library is within walking distance from my residence.
  • During exam days, I go there daily.

Why do you go there to read and write?

  • I can concentrate better there than at home.
  • The atmosphere is quite calm and tranquil.
  • Cell phones are not allowed there.
  • Many senior citizens of the hometown see it frequently.
  • They read some papers or magazines over there.
  • There are five computers with an internet connection.
  • I generally surf the net there once I need to prepare my assignments.
  • The tables and chairs supplied there are also quite pleasant and comfy.
  • I love the ambiance of the library.

Conclusion :

  • There’s one librarian who is very helpful when I have to search for almost any publication.
  • A number of my friends also come there to examine.
  • So, This really is the location. Apart from home, where I read and write.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a place where you read and write, apart from your home”.

1. At what age kids start reading and writing?

Kids Start reading and writing when they visit the preschool, which is at the age of 3-4. But some parents start teaching their kids to write and read even before that.

2. Is it the sole duty of the school to take care of writing and reading?

Reading and writing are extremely important abilities and should function as Joint responsibility of school and parents. Kids, who develop reading and writing skills at a very young age, fared far better at academics than children who don’t learn these skills well.

3. Is dwelling better or alternative places for writing and reading?

House is, of course, a Fantastic location, but kids develop the habit of reading and writing much more if they see other kids around them do this. Therefore libraries and schools are also very good places. My cousin is in the US, and she tells me that she takes her kids to the local library, in which her kids really like to sit with other kids and read novels.

4. Share some other places where you can write or read.

Well, kids can read and write in schools, libraries, houses, parks, and almost anywhere, as soon as they develop the habit of reading and writing.

5. What is more significant, reading, or writing?

I think both abilities are interrelated. Reading is slightly more important as it forms the basis of composing. To have the ability to write well, one needs to learn to read well.

6. Who wants to have good writing skills?

Everyone needs some writing abilities. Writing is a kind of communication. Children with good writing skills can express themselves better.

7. From what can people get more info — words or pictures?

Well, it depends. An image can say what a 1000 Words can’t, but a picture can be interpreted differently by various men and women. Words are clear and straightforward in distributing messages.

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