Describe a place full of colour

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a place full of colour.

You should say:
Where is it?
How you know about it?
When you went there?
What you did there?
Explain why you think it is colourful?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1 :

Introduction :

Well, I feel fortunate that I live in an enchanted world full of intense and vibrant natural colours. Indeed, life would be unimaginable without these shades as our emotions are also connected with these colours. I have been to quite a few colourful places which have captivated me eternally with its incredible natural beauty.

Where is it?

However, an area which fascinated me to the core with a myriad of colour and coming off the top of my head is a zoological garden in my city. Ma’am/Sir, I might sound weird but believe me, that is the only place so far, I found all the colours of nature in one place.

How you know about it?

Well, this place is on the outskirts of my city as it required several acres and is well-known for its variety of flora and fauna (a phrase to say plants and animals).

When you went there?

I visited this place a couple of months ago, along with my kith and kin, to see the rare and endangered animals.

What you did there?

Nevertheless, when I entered the park, I was smitten(obsessed) by the spectacular view of the botanical garden they have preserved. It had all eye-catching colourful flowerbeds, from the peaceful white lilies to the stunning red roses and orange marigolds, from bright yellow sunflowers to dazzling daffodils.

Just then, when I thought this was it, I proved to be wrong when I entered the huge dome-shaped structure of the butterfly park. I was simply awestruck by the huge diversity of all assorted multicoloured butterflies, flying from one flower to another. Then we moved further to experience the wildlife, and yes, I saw animals and birds of all possible colours, which was truly amazing. Moreover, the excitement didn’t finish there. This zoological garden also had a section of the aquarium.

Explain why you think it is colourful?

I was just speechless to see thousands of exotic fishes under one roof. What could be more colourful than this place, which had all shades of small to large fishes along with beautiful pretending corals to give us how it feels inside the ocean. I couldn’t resist myself to take numerous pictures of this worth watching place. Besides, the water fountains and children’s play area enhanced the beauty of this park.

Conclusion :

Since I went along with my family and friends, I also had a picnic there. Indeed, it was a mind-blowing colourful place with a variety of colourful plants, wild and aquatic life, and we had a whale of a time in nature’s lap with my near and dear ones.

Model answer 2:

Introduction :

  • We live in a world full of colour.
  • Life would be very dull and boring without colour.
  • It’s tough to imagine a life without the blue sky, green grass as well as the colourful flowers.

Where is it?

  • Here, I’d like to talk about a location I have seen which was full of colour.

How you know about it? and When you went there?

  • This past year I went to Jaipur with my loved ones.
  • We went there for a one-week holiday.

What you did there?

  • We saw so many palaces and forts over there.
  • We saw the City Palace, the Maharani Palace and the Amer Fort.
  • We also did a lot of shopping in the market.
  • Jaipur is called the pink city.
  • It is named after a colour.
  • Many buildings over there are pink in colour.
  • There is a place near Jaipur known as Chokhi Dhani.
  • We spent one whole day there.
  • It is a place just like Haveli, in which many artists display the tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

Explain why you think it is colourful?

  • It seemed as if the whole colourful culture of Rajasthan was on display there.
  • We saw many dances, for instance, jhoomar dance where the actors were wearing the most vibrant dresses.
  • Subsequently, we saw the Kalbelia or the snake charmers dance where the performers were dressed in black.
  • Then there was the colourful puppet series.
  • I bought a few puppets as souvenirs for my friends.
  • We clicked many photographs over there.
  • It was an awesome afternoon.
  • All those colourful memories remain fresh in my thoughts.
  • The entrance ticket comprised the traditional Rajasthani meal.

Conclusion :

  • We returned to our hotel after enjoying dinner. If I get a chance, I’d Love to find choke Dhani again.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a place full of colour”.

1. Is colour important for clothing?

Yes, colour is important for clothes. It reflects that the choice and In addition, the character of someone. Also, there are many occasions where clothes in appropriate colours need to be worn. So it is crucial to consider colour for clothing.

2. What colours are the most famous in your state?

There aren’t any least popular colours in my nation. I think it is a Personal/individual preference and people have their taste or choice when it comes to colours they like or dislike. But, it cannot be generalised for the whole nation.

3. Would these colours become popular in the future?

There may be colours that become more or less popular each year, but That is only in terms of fashion tendencies. So, colours that aren’t much seen or used in the fashion industry today can become more popular later on.

4. What was the most popular colour this past year?

If I talk about the fashion industry, purple colour was in trend this past year.

5. How do colours affect people’s disposition?

Colours affect people’s disposition in both positive and negative ways. Some Colors can bring a sense of calmness and serenity, for instance, the blue colour of the sky, or the ocean. Some colours make us feel happy, such as orange, yellow, and other such bright colours, especially if we see blossoms in such colours. Some colours can make us feel dull, such as greys. Whenever there are too many times without the sun, the days are often dull and grey and make us also feel low on energy.

6. What colours are largely found in buildings in India?

In India, buildings are mostly painted in lighter colours of whites, Browns, and other similar colours. Some buildings are made from brick and are red in colour. The buildings that make use of stone would be the colour of the rock. However, these days, we could find buildings in different colours, some are mild and some vivid in colour.

7. What colour is suitable for offices?

I Believe the colour of the walls of workplaces should be largely lighter Shades, like lotion, white, light blue, etc.. However, there needs to be some region of the office that has bright coloured walls, such as in the cafeteria or the recreation area.

8. Do You believe the colours of a firm’s uniform represent the picture of a provider?

Yes, it definitely does. The colour of the uniform reflects the branding and image of the company as it gives out the message about the outlook of this organisation. It’s been researched that the colour of the uniform aids in bringing back the customers.

9. How otherwise do women and men have a look at the same colour?

I recently read about the research that men and women describe the Same colour differently. Girls are better at recognising and distinguishing colours, while men might not be that true concerning the colours they see. It has been found out that this is due to the difference in neural links in men and women.

10. Can there be some change in the use of colours in the Present than previously?

Yes, There’s a shift in the way people Use colours now, as compared to the past. There have been many new colours made in recent years, that weren’t available before. These days we have more number of colours out there in everything we use and see around us, be it buildings, clothes, gadgets, appliances, etc.. Before, fewer colours were used in all spheres of life.

11. Do colours really make a difference in the ads?

Yes, colours make advertisements more appealing. Also, help with the branding of the product.

12. What colours are acceptable for formal occasions?

It Depends on the event and the timing of this occasion. For instance, for a formal Office occasion, lighter colours and colours of greys, blues, and black are all somewhat more appropriate. To get a more traditional occasion, colours could be lighter or brighter. Based on the occasion and the time of the party.

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