Describe a person who likes to travel by plane

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person who likes to travel by plane.

You should say:
Who this person is?
How do you know this person?
Where this person travels to?
Explain why this person likes to travel by plane?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1 :

Introduction :

Well, air travel is the most preferred and universal means of transport these days, maybe because it is the fastest means of transportation. Although it is not a luxury anymore and becoming affordable, it might cost an arm and a leg for quite a few people, especially the middle class and lower-class people. I know a myriad of people who frequently travel by flights either due to personal or professional reasons.

Who this person is? and How do you know this person?

However, I would like to talk about one of my cousins, Sneha, who is highly enthusiastic about the airplane journey.

She is a couple of years younger than me, and I have been seeing her since my childhood.

Explain why this person likes to travel by plane?

I vividly remember that she always dreamt of travelling by flight as she wanted to experience how it feels to be on the top of clouds. And I always used to say that stop daydreaming as only affluent people can afford to travel by plane and it is not a cup of tea for people like us to meet these extravagant expenses. And I must admit that I have no regret that I proved to be wrong when she first boarded a flight with her parents to visit a faraway place, and she was on cloud nine. She was so fascinated by air travel that then only she decided to fly more often. Indeed, she moved heaven and earth to get a job of an air hostess(you can say a steward or pilot/co-pilot in case of male) in one of the renowned airlines and was in raptures as her dream came true. During her internship, she used to tell me about her amazing in-flight experiences of flying up in the air along with different passengers, excellent amenities, comfortable journey, outside views from the window, and on-ground glamorous life.

Conclusion :

Overall, she was extremely content with her job as she got an opportunity to travel by flight frequently. Now that she is travelling quite often to various destinations, and sometimes abroad, she rarely able to meet us, perhaps only once in a blue moon. She is relocated to New Delhi, she always shares her pictures and experiences with me on WhatsApp and tells me how satisfied she is. I think because it was her dream, she is passionate about air travel.

Model answer 2 :

Introduction :

  • Nowadays, airplanes are gaining popularity, and many people like to travel by airplanes.

Who this person is?

  • Here, I would like to talk about a person I know who enjoys traveling by air.

How do you know this person?

  • He’s none apart from my uncle, Mr. Joginder Singh.
  • He’s tall and handsome.
  • He is in his early 40s.
  • He is the head of the admissions cell in Lovely Professional University.

Where this person travels to?

  • His job is to promote the university, for which he has to travel to a number of towns in India and all around the world.
  • Occasionally he travels to other countries also.
  • He always shares his adventures, which he has during his flights.

Explain why this person likes to travel by plane?

  • He explained he never gets bored when he travels by airplanes.
  • He enjoys the comforts and different facilities, which can be supplied in the planes.
  • He is an extrovert, and it has made many friends on his journeys, that belong to different cultures and regions.
  • It has added to his experiences.
  • He explained that lots of tasty dishes from various cuisines are served in the plane, and the comforts provided in airplanes have made him addicted to aviation.
  • Though my uncle has experience of many hours of flight, even then he is always prepared to travel by plane.
  • I understand several things about planes now like I know where the button would be to call for service and how the chairs can be corrected.

Conclusion :

  • The way he explains the merits of traveling by planes has encouraged me to possess the flight experience shortly.
  • I’m eagerly waiting for an opportunity to travel by plane.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a person who likes to travel by plane”.

1. Which are the benefits and drawbacks of traveling by plane?

There are many advantages of traveling by plane. It is a very fast way of transportation and saves a good deal of time. There are many comforts offered in planes, which are not there in different means of travel, like great entertainment systems, foods from several cuisines, catering to various dietary requirements, all sorts of beverages are also available, temperature management, and so on. We can travel to any part of the planet by plane. As for the disadvantages, the Most Important one is that It’s More expensive than other modes of travel.

2. Is it great to live nearby an airport?

No, I don’t think it is good to live near an airport, because there Is a lot of traffic in areas close to the airport. That leads to both noise and air pollution, resulting in many health-related problems and disturbances throughout the day and night.

3. Do Indian people love to travel by plane?

Yes, Indian people like to travel by airplane. It has become a very common means of domestic and international travel, one of the people of India. They travel by air for many reasons, such as for business, education, for pleasure, for spiritual reasons, etc..

4. What types of transportation do people choose when they go on a long trip?

People usually choose aviation for Long journeys. However, for domestic long-distance journeys, trains are also quite a popular means of transport. For international travel, people would rather travel by air.

5. Would you prefer to travel in your own car in the future?

Yes, I would like to travel in my car in the future. I love Travelling long distances by road, as we can see more areas and expertise in more cultures and foods on the way. I believe road trips are the best way to see more areas and meet more people from different backgrounds.

6. What sorts of people travel by airplane in India?

All sorts of people travel by plane in India. Anybody who can afford Airfares favors traveling by airplanes. Many Indians are traveling by air for their work and companies to save time. Many pupils travel domestically and globally for better education centers. A lot of people travel to popular tourist destinations.

7. Are you pleased with the service on the plane in India?

Yes, I’m happy with the service on airplanes in India. The Standard of Service is quite good, which includes food, drinks, and entertainment. The staff of all of the airlines is well-trained and incredibly considerate and helpful.


I have not experienced traveling by airplanes as yet. However, my friends and relatives that have traveled domestically by the atmosphere have shared their experiences with me, and they have told me that the service on airplanes in India is very good. The food available is yummy, there are lots of options for your beverages, and in addition, the entertainment system is quite good.

8. Why do some people just dislike aviation?

Many people dislike aviation due to the fear Of heights and flying. They might feel traveling sickness. Some people Might Have Had a bad flying experience, making them dislike aviation. Some people Dislike it because of health-related issues.

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