government safety laws include things such as wearing a hard hat on a building site

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In some countries, government safety laws include things such as wearing a hard hat on a building site or wearing safety clothes in certain factories. To what extent are laws of this kind good idea? What sort of safety law would you introduce, if you were given a chance?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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It is a simple fact that in most countries, the authorities set some criteria about a safe workplace, like wearing some protection gears in the workplace. I support the idea that working in a certain state is essential, and the subsequent essay will talk about it in detail.

To begin with, it is true that in certain countries, the government is worried about the secure work environment. As injuries and accidents at work have been often reported, the authorities set some security policies on the job, which covers numerous aspects. Among the cases is that serious business companies should provide their employees with the appropriate safety gear since the office’s risk is high in this industry. For example, drivers of special vehicles like bulldozer or forklift have to have a registered certificate or a special license, as driving these vehicles requires specific methods.

When I possess the authority to put some security regulations, I will set these kinds of policies. Primarily, every company should create a health report, safe and green surroundings in their office. This report should be submitted to the jurisdiction every year, and employers who do not submit their report on time will probably be billed with penalties. Secondly, there are regulation about safety audit. The government should set some audit teams, which will inspect employers’ security surroundings throughout their work. Businesses with unsatisfactory audit result have to be reassessed through the renewal of their business licenses. Using these two policies, it has estimated that companies will execute a safe and healthful working environment in their office.

In summary, I firmly agree that safety at work is an important matter, as many authorities have put some particular rules about it. If I am the authorised individual, I will make some safety regulations which enforce companies to make a timely safety report and conduct security audits.

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