Few people take their family with them abroad

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Nowadays a few people take their family with them abroad whenever they go on a business trip. What are the advantages and disadvantages for them and for their family?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words in IELTS writing task 2.

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Topic : Development
Type : Advantages and Disadvantages

Model Answer :

With the arrival of modern culture, there has been a radical shift in the way people do things. They are proven to allow their nearest and dearest combine them in their official excursions, not a situation in yesteryears. Unarguably, there are particular merits connected with this clinic, including a chance to devote additional time with their loved ones, together with preparing their kids to take more significant roles later on. However, many drawbacks, including function disturbance and adverse effect on connection, have shown to be accurate.

Undoubtedly, people today are proven to possess a more abundant mindset. Moreover, because of this, they are enthusiastic with the notion of getting their relatives beside them, whenever they get the opportunity of. Thus, these excursions enhance their possibility of spending additional time using their loved ones. Moreover, due to these excursions, household members are less used to feel deprived, a standard thing nowadays due to work overload. What is more, it aids in creating the younger generation get prepared for future duties, as they are the one taking over. These excursions permit them to obtain an interest in the company, together with vacations. To exemplify, among this post from economic times demonstrated that many business class men and women in the modern generation fancy involving individual relatives within their venture to make them prepared for future functions. Finally, leading to making the forthcoming generation gain meaningful insights into preparing and work them well beforehand.

To put it differently, they might lead to humiliation by attending civic meetings and official parties. Furthermore, the family might not like accompanying the anxious person to such excursions as he/she is likely to work, rather than having a gala time using their nearest and dearest. This, in turn, may harm their connection, which leads to life-altering decisions. Due to his daily meetings, he needed to take his family with him. This backfired and became the origin of their divorce.

In conclusion, nobody can deny that there have been a surge wherein company trips are not restricted only to the company nowadays. Individuals are known to make the most of those trips by simply boarding their relatives since this not only gives them additional family time but also aids in providing exposure to the forthcoming generation, which makes them seasoned enough to take on bigger jobs. Having said this, disadvantages like bothering impact on connection, in addition to, work associated disturbance, are likely to exist side by side.

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